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Originally Posted by Yachting Man View Post

Originally Posted by robbie View Post
If she's 16 I'm 12 and a half.

She's need to what high school age kids look like today. It is shocking.
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Originally Posted by Jodum5 View Post
Her website:
She's had a lot of work done to her face, maybe that's why she looks odd.

Wish she had had some more work done to her site. Some of it could well have been written by a 16 year old. Who knows?
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If you play all three of those videos at once it makes a lot of noise.
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Originally Posted by musicguy View Post
She's gonna look like shit in 10 years. She already looks like a plastic surgery disaster. I can just see it.

Googled her name. Look at this shitty vid:

Edit: Apparently her husband is the guy who played the fucked up guy in Green Mile.
Seriously the first time I have actually wished a song was full of auto tune. She her only hope is that her chest is not as flat as her pitch ....
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Not feeling her looks.
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After looking at her website, if wanting to nail a 16-year-old like that makes me a "child molester," I have to plead guilty! Again, I would really, really have to doubt she is actually only 16.

A pal of mine married a 16-year-old back country rose when he was 40. It was not a success, to say the least. The little trollop cheated on him like mad!
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hot skank!
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Just another day in rural Afghanistan.
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I'll give it 2 years and a messy divorce. Any ideas if there was a prenump?
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Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo View Post
That chick looks like she's in her mid to late 30s. NO way is she 16. I mean no way. Unless she's done tons of drugs already.

Krokodil perhaps?
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Originally Posted by Perfection View Post
I would love to uppercut her in the face with a big tuna fish

Is this a double-entendre that is beyond me, or are you a Monty Python fan?
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Wow, she really does look 30's in some photo's. And also fucked up, I remember a story a little while back, about some black kid in atlanta, think he was somewhere between 18-20 got a bj from a girl who was 15 or 16, anyway got him sent to PRISON. Don't know if he's still in or not, but what the fuck is up with our legal system where 51 to 16 is cool if some fucked up parent gives the thumbs up, but 20 to 16 send scary black guy to PRISON. Sad
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Curiously, there is no minimum age for marriage in California if the minor's parents consent...although the couple does have to see a counselor and go before a superior court judge. I am not sure what the judge's power to block the marriage is if everybody is consenting to this arrangement.
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