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Fiber, Forming Cream, and Pomade

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I've been using American Crew's fiber in my hair consistently for the past year or so, and have found it decently effective in keeping my hair up in the style that I'd like for it to be in. However, my new hair stylist recently recommended forming cream to me in lieu of fiber on the basis of it not dissolving when coming into contact with water. She mentioned some other reasons why forming cream was better than fiber for my hair, but I wasn't paying enough attention to remember her other reasons why.

Furthermore, I used to use pomade in my hair years ago, but I can hardly remember it well enough to be able to draw an accurate comparison between pomade and other hair styling products.

What would you guys say are the main differences between fiber, pomade, and forming cream, and which do you prefer to use?

Also, are there any specific brands of these products that you are absolutely in love with? I've been using American Crew my entire life, but my predilection towards the specific brand can be attributed more to ignorance of other brands than a genuine happiness with how it works with my hair.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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i own fiber and forming cream.

i think forming cream is better, because it has the same hold but is more flexible while styling it. Also the forming cream makes the hair really soft and gives just a little amount of shine which makes the hair look more healthy.

For me fiber was a huge dissapointment because of the medium hold (for me its nowhere near high hold!).

But the problem i had with both products is: they dont hold up my straight, fine hair. I do have fine hair, but alot of it and i think thats the worst if you want it to stay up. So these two products only work with shorter hair, when its a little longer the forming cream is better again. the hold is the same but it just looks better and thicker for me.

I just ordered ID Hair Extreme Titanium, another matt, high hold wax. Hope its gonna be good.

Also here are a few other products i tested:

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Cream: i would say its very much like the forming cream, good product but also more like medium, flexible hold.

Kevin Murphy Night Rider: hold is a little better than fiber, forming cream and tea tree shaping cream, but also not high. It also tends to be a bit more sticky
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I agree that Fiber is better for shorter hair, but my barber also says that it has to do with hair texture.


All to say for a pseudo-flat, Fiber is perfect.

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I've used American Crew Fiber and didn't really like all that much. Didn't really like the way it spread.


I've since been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. I like it, but I don't think its an end be all product. Will have to get a decent hair gel as well.

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