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Adidas Goodyear replacements

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I have been wearing a pair of Adidas Goodyear shoes to the gym for almost 4 years now - and they have recently developed cracks and tears that indicate these shoes are quickly heading into the sunset of life. I am really not good with athletic shoes at all but after looking around for a reasonable replacement - I found these:
I would buy them - but my size of 9 is not available anywhere it seems.
I like this design - and the bone and brown color looks neat. Anyone know od something similar I could buy? I like shoes with narrower soles as opposed to the big flat soles common in skate shoes. Also - if the shoes are G8 made that would be a plus (I am open to paying more for this point).
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What are you doing at the gym?

I wouldn't think driving shoes would be good for much physical activity.
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Um, are you at the gym to work out or to look good? Get some damn running shoes.
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Originally Posted by knucks
Um, are you at the gym to work out or to look good? Get some damn running shoes.

That's why I am here. Which ones?
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Well, if he's just lifting or doing a bike, running shoes aren't gonna be much better than those. Don't worry about style when going to the gym. I think there is a thread about this in the Body Consciousness forum about finding the right shoes for working out/running. Try there. You could always just go to a athletic shoe store and look for some new balances. They have running shoes and basic cross trainers that are work out standards.
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Depends what you're doing at the gym. There are different types of shoes for different activities, so find the activity you do most and get a shoes based on that. Post this on Body Consciousness =\\
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Originally Posted by knucks
Um, are you at the gym to work out or to look good? Get some damn running shoes.

You can't squat very much weight in running shoes; they're too squishy. I lift in sambas. They give you a flat, stable surface and good range of motion without weighing you down.
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They're incredibly unstylish, but I'd go with the New Balance MX621 for the gym. They're not as squishy as running shoes so they're great for lifting, plus, being a cross trainer, they're versatile and disposable.
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I'm very partial to the Brooks Trance or Asics 2100 series. I've also used Adidas Supernova in the past. All great running shoes, but very serviceable for almost any workout activity.
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I assumed since the thread starter was considering using Adidas Goodyear for "gym shoes", then he would not be doing any leg workouts and would stick to the "frat guy" workout.
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are goodyear welted adidas shoes actually functional?

are they more durable than regular adidas?
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I don't think they are actually Goodyear welted shoes. Rather, he is referring to the 'co-branded' Adidas Formula 1-style driving shoes, which have a 'Goodyear' marking on the side of the outsole.
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For the gym I use a pair of Nike Air MX that I bought about 3 years ago on a Foot Locker sale for about $40. They last me well and are only worn at the gym, I just dont see the reason for spending huge money for a more fashionable shoe at the gym, its for comfort.

As for the Adidas Goodyear shoes they are faux driving shoes. I have a pair of Tuscany's (black with red pillow stitching) that I use for kick arounds and road trip driving (not fire retardant and the sole of the shoe is really tick for a driving shoe, hard to feel viberation in the pedels and heel-toe shift). If you want a REAL pair of driving shoes I suggest the Alpinestars Tech 1-R's and Piloti Corsa's both are FIA rated meaning they are Nomex and fire retardant (I race cars and this level of safety is mandated in the rule book). I use both these shoes and have had good success with each, the Alpinestar's breath a little better and are more comfortable in the car, where as the piloti's are better for walking around in the pits and grid.

I *try* stay fashionable at the track (so I think )

Alpinestars I have:

Piloiti Corsa's I use:
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I wear whatever sneakers i have on hand, i squat and deadlift sockfooted anyway.
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