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2nd the WvG. Worth it to up your budget a tad bit and get shirts like Epaulet or WvG. Great material, construction, and fit.
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I've found Filippa K buttondowns to be surprisingly good. Not that expensive either-
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I'm in the same boat. The issue with cost, though, is that I'd never spend full price for a J. Crew buttondown. On clearance + sale I get nearly all of my shirts therefor under 30$. I am not going to spend 100$ on a shirt. I rarely spend 40$.

Does Club Monaco have an online store? None near me.

Are there any department store brands worth checking out? 95% of what I see at Nordstrom is hideous. But is there some good quality/value in there somewhere?
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Second hand RRL can usually be found under $100. Fits great OTR for me.
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i've bought a bunch of different brands trying to be cheap on button downs, all the cheap ones just sit in the closet, never been satisfied for anything I payed less than $90 for.

Best shot in the cheap price range is brook brothers extra slim fit, the sport shirts can be had on sale and I've got plaids for $35-40 that are passable, but I don't really care for the cut/fabric(slimmer than jcrew at least). Still advise springing for wvg (use forum code for 20% off), gitman, toj, etc.

Currently replacing all my junk shirts with wvg.
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CM unfortunately does not have an online store. And if you want quality you are going to have to pay... or wait. BB Slim Fit is $60 now which is probably your cheapest option.
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Muji make some good fitting OCBD shirts for peanuts
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Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post
Just out of your price range, but prob worth it- ToJ

I have wasted more $$$$ on oxfords than I would have had I just bought from them... they know their shit, cant go wrong.

Seconding this; ToJ buttondowns are excellent.
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What the fuck is the point of this thread? SF could probably be renamed "Website for casual button downs that aren't JCrew." Well, really it would be "Website for casual button downs that aren't JCrew for people who will just complain about the price of shirts and buy JCrew anyway." Try marc by marc jacobs and shipley and halmos (both on sale) for shirts that are mostly boring with a reasonably slim fit.
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Rugby makes a good oxford
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wvg and epaulet
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As others have said Epaulet. You will not find the great fit or cool as fabrics/patterns anywhere else (shadow dot and floral for example). Over your budget but definitely a worthy investment.
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