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It means you are in their elite top % of customers. No real benefits other than the waitlist priority. Probably compensation for selling you painted bs cordovan shoes lol8[1].gif
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Haaaa. If I'm in the top % then Gilt is indeed failing
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Dunno but I'm enjoying my Bellino, Frette, and W bedding from them!
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Anyone return items to gilt/park and bond? Dropped my item at USPS and it's been "available for pickup" for days.
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Originally Posted by skywalker View Post

Anyone return items to gilt/park and bond? Dropped my item at USPS and it's been "available for pickup" for days.

Sounds more like a USPS side problem. Did you check with the postal office? They might not have scanned it in, I know with my USPS sometimes that happens.
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MyHabit is soo much better than Gilt. They have better items to very high discounts.


For example: I just bought a Gitman Vintage shirt for $59. 


And it's owned by Amazon and give free shipping and returns in US.

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This isn't related to Gilt, but to Venteprivee instead. Bought a ST Dupont lighter on 9/9 with ship date 9/13-9/20. Asking them the week after ship date and they said they had some delays but would ship soon and gave me $20 credit which isn't bad. But when I didn't hear anything I asked again and they told were proceeding to ship today and would send tracking once it left warehouse. This was 6 days ago. Granted it's expected to have some stock delays, but the main issue I have is you lied to me straight up, and they charged my card at purchase and not ship date.
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Pretty sure no one really cares but in case someone was on the fence with Venteprivee it turns out they actually shipped my order a week after my post, but failed to update inventory or anybody in CS. Finally getting the lighter I ordered over a month ago, I open the box and find a silver mini jet one or whatever they are called, even though the box is clearly marked Ligne 8 Red baldy[1].gif Don't know if it's the French at S.T. Dupont or the French at Venteprivee but I don't think I've ever experienced this much fail in one order. They gave me $20 more credits after my last post but the effort and the fact that I bought the original lighter as a gift doesn't help neither as I had to get something else.
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Just wanted to share more awful gilt experiences.

First, all of their home goods are just rebranded wholesale items. I understand you take a risk if you buy something without doing research but I think selling crappy chinese wholesale furniture for a huge markup and rebranding it is very shady. I emailed gilt about the issue, after I received some bar stools that were particularly shitty (even for 80 bucks), and all they did was send me one email blowing me off.

The latest offense is unacceptable. They billed me for the bar stools, in July, that I bought in february! I called customer service thinking they billed me twice and they stated that they have an "issue" with their system that keeps orders as pending. She said they need to fix the issue. I told her it is unacceptable to place a $160 charge on someone's credit card, 4 months after they receive the goods.

I wouldn't touch anything from that site again, no matter what the deal. They are far too shady.
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I'm kind of surprised to hear so many ridiculous stories about Gilt. If definitely makes me reconsider buying from them in the future, but I've never had any serious problems with them, until today, when after ordering some white sneakers with standard "gum" colored soles, I opened the package to find the same sneakers with white soles. I was pretty irked, so I called them and they said I could either return them for a refund OR keep them and they would refund me 1/3 of the price I paid for them ^^ ... was okay with me.  

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