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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Would a size 7 in the players from NMWA be too big on a 34? Obviously the elastic waist band and everything means they would probably "fit" fine but I mean would they just look bad/too big/diaper buttish?


Go for VI, that should be your size in all Schneider Trousers.



Wore my Algae once this winter. Weather has been weak.


Shirt Jacket/Players/MHL boots


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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No 6's left :/

How do you like those solovair btw?
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Haven't worn them much but they are good. Traditional dress boot finish but with a Doc commando sole. The round/bulky toe shape is hard to find. Leather seems okay.

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What would be the Merino/Memory equivalent without a quilted lining? I really like the silhouette and would love a fall/spring version.
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Slightly off topic? But how do you guys deal with all the mohair shedding haha. Any good lint rolling options?

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I actually avoid any Schneider pieces with Mohair in them. Although it rules out a lot of great looking cardigans and scarves, I just can't stand all the shedding (maybe this only affects OCD people like myself?). Also makes the choice of what to buy easier biggrin.gif
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Depends on the blend, some mohair/alpaca are not fuzzy because mixed with other fabrics or the yarn is woven differently.

And also fuzzy doesn't necessarily imply shedding.
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You're really missing out.  The best scarves and some of the best knitwear have been the fuzzy mohair blend ones.  

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The mohair scarves are itchy though
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Going to post my juncus but would ideally love to trade with someone who has a juncus in 5 that is a bit too snug!
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Sorry maybe I was unclear. If you look closely at the knit, it uses multiple different yarns to create that effect. Let's say that the designer chooses one of three yarns (e.g. the black one) to be a specific nylon yarn, then you'll end up with one out of three yarns (33%) being nylon. It's different from using a yarn that is itself a blend of wool and synthetic or a blend of cotton and synthetic. It's distinct yarns.

When Jil was doing similar mixed yarn knitwear, there was always a mix of different materials, which gave this distinct effect.

Bringing this back up, since I received that same sweater (it wasn't easy to track down, only NMWA and another store ordered the teal version).
It is an interesting effect, and it works well with that knit pattern. I'm not completely sold on it though, I like the feel of it but I don't find it as comfortable to wear as last year's 90/10 version.
On a side note, I really like this collection.
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I don't think I've had any issues with itchiness of Schneider stuff. It'd be nice to see Yak, Alpaca or Angora but I don't know how those would change the cost of things. I will say this though, I've always been hesitant on pullover knits from Schneider I wish he would simplify the fit on those, they tend to be too boxy or short or both.
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I guess people have different tolerance. Most of the Schneider knits I own with mohair blended in can get pretty itchy esp at the neck if you're not wearing a collared shirt.

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It's been a climate thing for me, east coast winter = itchy as fuck.  bay area = no issues

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If anyone is in a size III missed out on the preorder and is looking for a Stephan Schneider Film Coat in the navy blue basketweave color, we now have one that just freed up.  PM me.





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