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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

For the grey quilted reversible charcoal plaid jacket from last F/W ('12), how noticeable was the brown lining when worn unzipped? Is it comfortable/warm?
Lining doesn't really show much when unzipped, other than a strip of the inner fabric that sticks out along the placket. It's definitely warm, and the flannel inner is really, really soft of on the skin. Sometimes I throw it on without anything underneath to take my dog out at night, and honestly it just feels like wearing a flannel shirt. Word of warning, if you plan on wearing it over anything thicker than a tee you'll want to size up, shoulders are relatively narrow and the sleeves are pretty slim due to the two layers of fabric.
Originally Posted by superego View Post

I'm more like a large 44 (45 actual chest), thinking it will likely fit but will be more fitted. not sure how that would look
I vaguely remember somebody posting a pic of themselves in a sized down alpaca, ended up just looking like a cropped, fitted hoodie more or less.
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Yeah in like a 42 chest was closer to a 43 a few months ago before cutting weight. And mine fits with plenty of room thing is the Alpaca drapes in the front that's how it's cut, there is room on the sides but it's not long.
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Anyone own one of these quilted down things? Is it thin enough to layer under a coat??


I love my Patagonia down sweater, but I wouldn't mind upgrading to something that looks less like a trash bag

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Depends on the coat. It's kind of thick, but slim fitting.
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People said that quilted coat was thick and I can imagine the different reverse fabric with no lining can make it less breathable and difficult to wear if your are aiming for slim fitting to the point of layering. Or maybe I got the wrong jacket in mind.

No lining to my understanding of jacket construction should make it a little bit more breathable. But as seen in the photos the wool or wool blend make the jacket look really heavy and thick.
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think that one ran big too
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I tried the quilted jacket from last winter in both a IV and V. Sleeve's were cut super slim compared to the body - IV fit me fine in body and super tight in arms. It wasn't too thick at all, but it was warm. Since the jacket is reversible, the slim sleeves were a problem since it was a bitch to get your arms through the sleeves if you had anything other than a tshirt on (no sleeve lining).
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What the fuck is this? Is Acolyth affiliated?

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According to the startpage, nope

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Okay, we get it. That's quite enough, you spamming asshat.

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I think it's just a cultural difference.
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Thanks for the info, I'm gonna pass

Good deal if anybody is interested:

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I have that coat. It's great. I always wear the grey side out because it looks best that way. Tight in the sleeves, as mentioned. You wouldn't want to wear a knit under it. It's quite warm though. Fits TTS with my other SS coats.
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Originally Posted by Neighbour View Post


Jumper Lumps Corn, 60% wool/25% mohair/15% nylon - Available Size 4-6 $340 (Also comes in light purple not pictured)
Trousers Ends Dust, 100% cotton - Available size 5-6 $330

Who stocks the Corn or Light purple in Size IV?
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Originally Posted by ffatt View Post

Who stocks the Corn or Light purple in Size IV?

I haven't seen the corn anywhere else by Neighbour (where those pictures are from) and they don't have it in IV anymore.


For light purple in size IV there are some options:




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