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Originally Posted by BBSLM View Post

Anyone know what shoes these are, or who makes something similar? AFAIK SS never made footwear but his stuff always seems to be modeled with this type of shoe.
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Yeah, Schneider does make footwear, there's always a bunch boots and wacky prints loafers at the sales.
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odd. even googling 'stephan schneider footwear' doesnt turn up anything.

thanks, though. would kop those boots if they were black/grey. i might anyway. cna always use brown boots.
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Originally Posted by driveslowk View Post

Then why isn't it online!??!?!

Because their online presence sucks. Whoever is in charge of their website should be fired. Their stock rivals roden gray and tres bien but no one knows about it.
Originally Posted by BrizaBirch View Post

they have no size 3s in anything. i went there day before yesterday... they have a few knits, some shirting and black suit - blazer in 4 fits perfectly, size 4 pants fit like full cut pants...fuckin schneider sizing is all over the place. my other pair of size 4 pants fit perfectly...jeez.

Sounds like you were at the Vancouver store? Their Edmonton location also has stuff in stock.
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Hrm I guess I sized my alpaca coat (Same as I think snake's i.e. dark grey) from my ordering from opening ceremony 1 too large. It's a size 6 I probably should have gotten size 5 especially since I don't layer at all in California.

If anyone's interested in it get at me and I'll take pics. It was something like 865 + tax
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You missed out on the WW jacket too? o.o I told you to grab it.
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Oh? Where are they getting it from? the SS store is out and I can't imagine there is a warehouse that has a bunch of them in storage somewhere while telling people they are sold out in the boutique.
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Originally Posted by UserName84 View Post

That sucks. Does anyone know of any other sites online stock womens SS?

I found some more if anyone is interested: (though I cant really get the website to work right, cant pick sizes etc) (japan)
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Originally Posted by francisxavier View Post

A little birdy told me that certain places might restock it in new fabrics very soon. thumbs-up.gif

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Went to Stand Up Comedy today to check out the SS, and was blown away. Got to try on the rust tartan departure shirt and the cotton jacket with the inner lining.

The shirt's fabric was amazing, thick and soft and the color really popped. The fit was perfect (size IV), fit like a BoO medium but just long enough to tuck. Pains me not to have left the store with this.

Cotton jacket was dope, I've never really understood the concept of drape until I tried this bad boy on. It fell so right. However, not a huge fan of the cotton material, would definitely want the wool (alpaca?) version instead.

Scarves were killer too, awesome textures/colors.

Literally thinking about making a trip to Antwerp when the SS sale hits and picking up a few heavily discounted pieces (I'll be in Europe in the spring). Anyone know when the 70% sale starts?
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Just received the moss alpaca jacket from South Willard in size 5 and it's too big for me. PM me by the end of the day if anybody wants it. Otherwise, it's going back to SW tomorrow.
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They have got to take some better pics.
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pretty underwhelming gpope selection frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

Ordered from them once (about $300 or so) and did get hit w/ customs. They did put the sale prices, which was better. Was about 22% or so, iirc.

Dear " Brothersport ",
We just want to clarify that we never invoice the price lower than the real price, what we do , as you are a non-EU costumer, is to take off the 23% from Portuguese Value Added Tax.
We don´t put Sale price in a Full price piece, we make a discount of 23% because of our tax. Pls read our costumer service link.
All prices on our e-shop include 23% VAT, which is subtracted upon checkout.

Thanks you,

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