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haha i will try to get some this weekend.

but if anyone has any interest in trading a IV wool paraffin in the blue and gray/beige colorway and wants a V in return, please let me know!
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How soft/scratchy is BEE? waiting for mine in the post. 

Think it'll be a little small for my liking but not uncomfortably so, but if anyone has a V they'd want to trade for a IV then send me a PM

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pretty solid buy on wrongweather too bad site is painfully slow

i like the beeswax jacket though difficult to see details, wool wick coat appears to be good, blue solid cardigan is real cool and the bag too

things are looking up now waiting on suspension point and south willard
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I have the skin of a whiny baby but it's pretty itchy for me. Seems itchier than the Ijevan.
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Boo my SS preorder arrived at the local post office around 5am this morning but looks like it won't be delivered until Monday.
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Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post

Nice, mine arrived today as well and took some pics, but you beat me to them haha. Good comparison on the weight compared to stark, they're similar. My initial impression is really positive, I really like the color and style of this one, especially the collar and fact that it has side pockets, huge bonus. I felt the Ijevan from last season was great, but would have been better with pocket so this BEE cardigan really does it for me all around. When I first saw the pre-order pics, I saw the similarities to the Author Cardigan which has been my grail piece (sup jet!) and having handled them both now, I can confirm that is certainly the case, minus being as massively oversized. The color is as I had suspected, which is the same as the wine melange at mindtrive icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I ordered a 3 and 4 and have decided to keep the 4. I have similar specs as you. Both fit me, 3 fits more slim than I prefer for a knit of this type. It does have stretch though and weave of the knit lends itself to not being undersized even at my stats though so someone preferring a slimming look would probably like it. So, I will be letting the 3 go once i find some time to get a listing going.

So all of these with the exception of one were taken quickly closer to nighttime under shitty bathroom lighting and I tried to correct the images to get better color without much success, but in an effort to help get some more pics going in this thread here we go. I'm about 5'8", 150 lbs for reference. Enjoy...

18 BEE Cardigan in Wine Size 4
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Unbuttoned Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

18 BEE Cardigan in Wine Size 3

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Unbuttoned Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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hmm, that's a tough one they both look good and at first i was leaning towards 4 but now maybe 3

don't know really, the three almost fits too perfectly
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Thanks for the photos. I'm confident I sized correctly now. I think the angle of Feji's photo made it look slimmer than it is.

I agree with Jet about the 3, assuming you're almost always going to wear it open, which I think you should. Of course, photos can only tell so much of the story and I feel like the 3 might not look as perfect in motion as it does still. If you like the 4 better, go with it. You won't have to worry about it shrinking in the wash either. But damn, that 3 gives you the right amount of slack in about every dimension in that photo.
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Has anyone bought from http://www.thestylechamber.com?

Their prices seem incredibly good...

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I'm guessing you mean the prices for the SS stuff. They're not much different than all the other places that had it marked down during sale. Plus shipping to the US is $60.
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Kicking myself for not picking up the BEE, really wish I had picked one up in a 4
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^ Yeah it was pricy but I picked it up near the end.


I also purchased MOT too, it looks a lot better irl than in the pictures.

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Tonio 4 looks better imo.  The structured shoulders don't look good when they're exactly fitted

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thank you!

I'd prefer jacket with tonal sleeves myself but still nice yo
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