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Because a few people are vocal about things and take everything in black and white? There have been quite a few times where I was able to pick up rare things because people have posted in threads that were not in B&S. Where was the backlash when lmao posted about his ervell cardigan?

Anyways, enough with this trash. For those of you who don't know, projectno8 sale started last week. Take a look, especially if you are a size V in the ijevan cardigan
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I think I've done something similar to this before in the past, but buying and selling goes in the marketplace. If you don't want to browse through B&S, you can at least use the search feature to save time. But for those of us who do actually browse through B&S it's pretty redundant. It seems hypocritical to say that you don't want to bother browsing through posts on the marketplace that you're not interested in, but are fine with people posting stuff that those who do browse B&S have already seen (and aren't interested in). Moreover, it's unfair and annoying to those of us who sell on B&S and keep the sales only on there.
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Ervell is pretty nice satisfied.gifinlove.gif
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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

I haven't handled that specific piece, but I have owned two Schneider cardigans.

They were both size V in the typical oversized fit with slightly dropped shoulders and both were too big/didn't fit right.
I'm 6'3, 185lbs, 41 chest, 19 shoulders. 

Checked out that Shir cardi on suspensionpoint and it seems to be a less oversized fit if it wasn't for the chest measurement.
I would have gone with a VI based on shoulders and length, but 23.75 pit-pit is big for a 50/52 even.

Yeh p2p seems huge so that's what's worrying me!
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Has anyone tried on the Spitak sweater? It seems really long from the measurements at Au Revoir et Merci and in the pics at La Garçonne it looks like they folded the hem under to make it look shorter....

I'm guessing it's as long as the Kaghak cardigan which is made of the same mohair/nylon/wool blend?

(Other colours are available at South Willard and Neighbour (1, 2) - the length measurement is shorter at Neighbour though)
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The Spitak fits the same as the sisian (slightly longer than the cardigan) and is made of the same material as the kaghak
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I've posted a few times in singular small brand threads when I have a cool piece or two for sale (or when someone else does), I think as long as the piece isn't shit it doesn't hurt (though I suppose it isn't officially condoned). I personally am not upset ever seeing a "shameless plug" for an item directly related to a thread, even if it isn't my size. And yea, I've definitely picked up a few nice pieces without the items going to B&S because of these "shameless plugs"
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the argument about this has wasted way more space than a post about stuff being for sale ever has
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Trying to bring things back on track; does anyone know when the Schneider usually posts the look-book for the next season? I'm very curious to see what he comes out with for S/S. Hoping for something similar to that bomber that was released last year smile.gif
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SS is always boooooooooooooring
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

SS is always boooooooooooooring


Boring is timeless.

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It always pales in comparison to the FW stuff, but I wouldn't mind getting another lighter outerwear piece of his.
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Originally Posted by istasi View Post

Is the Astor scarf being stocked by Au Revoir & SP different from the one stocked by La Garconne and WW? The latter look dark gray, the former look almost black. Could just be lighting though I guess Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I think they are all dark grey, I haven't seen any of the astor scarves yet with black as the color description.
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im gonna buy like 3 of this s/s shirt:
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I'm assuming that's one of his slim fit shirts....
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