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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

^that's probably 100% correct, FedEx and UPS charge an arm and a leg for international shipments unless you have an account with them and ship a significant enough volume to qualify for discounted rates

Yeah, the Schneider store has like zero volume.

I remember looking into fedex & co. when I started selling stuff here and 150 seems pretty much in line with what I was quoted (regular 2kg package).
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It's a store. They ship stuff all the time, even if they don't have e-commerce operations. Of course, they have a fedex or UPS account. Stores get a constant flow of deliveries and ship between locations, to and from wholesale, etc...

I'm just saying: I bought mountains of stuff from various sellers, shops, etc... and was NEVER quoted $150 for shipping to the US. Rarely do I see shipping above GBP 50...
post #2373 of 8800 do you guys order stuff from the SS flagship store?
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When I ordered they used Belgian Post, and it was around $50 for a shirt.
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lol flagship

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I'm not sure where the exorbitant shipping charge claims come from as I just placed an order and was offered two options: 31 Euro with tracking and 13 Euro without.

They don't deduct VAT though, so that's something to be aware of. However, even with VAT and shipping the item was still less than in most US stores.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

$150 for shipping - really?

Have done 4 orders with them. Two had between 8-12 pieces so those were quite expensive to ship as they included the heavier outwear pieces/chunkier knits.

For the largest order they threw in a nice scarf though which imo basically canceled out the shipping cost.
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OK now I understand - I can see how shipping can go up that high if you're basically sending a whole wardrobe laugh.gif
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Yeah I went crazy for frozen waves. But as soon as that lookbook came out I knew I could live in it. Maybe with some basic, conservative CCP trousers. Pretty glad that this season didn't really make me regret not holding out.

Sadly though I picked up like 10+ shirts I don't wear them enough. I'm generally workwear-ish at work with the occasionally sprinkling of schneider or goth ninja. :/
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Just got a pair of SS12 Black Leaf wool trousers in IV, don't think I'm gonna keep them as they aren't warm enough for PNW weather. Hit me up if you're interested, they fit a true 31-32
post #2381 of 8800 uses Finnish post. I understand that you maybe don´t have such public services in US, but in Finland you can rely on Finnis post. Always. Acolyth sends tracking code to customer for each shipping. The deliveries had managed 100 % and 37 € for that is not much. It is money, but is far away from 150 USD.

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For anyone who was watching it, I just bought the white/blue ijevan from farfetch in L, not sure if I will keep, fyi.
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Is the L 5 or 6? I may be interested if you decide to not keep.
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should be 6 . i bought the s and it's a 4.
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crackerjack just listed a bunch of SS

including a few coats and a bunch of scarves
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