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Tom Ford Autumn/Winter 2011

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I just saw this message in my Facebook feed, with a link to Tom Ford's 2011 Autumn/Winter line:

I just got back from Milan where I presented the new men's collection for Spring 2012 to the press. I love Milan this time of year as it is usually hot and sunny and of course the food is always great. My favorite restaurants are "Da Giacomo" and "Le Langhe". Milan feels like home in many ways as I lived there for 4 years in the early 90's and of course had much of my initial success with Gucci there... In case you did not see my last men's collection I am posting it here as it will be in the stores in about a month...

This shit is way beyond. I love it.
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I love Tom Ford. Too bad it is often difficult to get really good deals on his stuff!
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I would normally agree. However… Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
You should check out my For Sale thread for really good deals on Tom Ford Stuff.
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I quite like look 6 (the beige cable knit with suede jacket)
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Those are some strong shoulders on the Weatherby suits. I don't think I quite like the look.
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The cuts seem a lot more full, particularly in the trousers, than his previous collections. The overcoats all seem at least a size too large as well
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I see the big shoulders are coming back.
not a fan.
do like the lapels though.
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is it me or does this look a lot more like Burberry, or Polo rather than Ford...?
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I like it, but the shoulders are too wide on his suits/sport coats
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post
is it me or does this look a lot more like Burberry, or Polo rather than Ford...?

yeah the tan sport coat looks very Polo.
this kinda feels like a step backward to me.
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Slightly more vintage in some sense from Ford regarding suits and SC's. A lot of coats are also very Burberry'esque.

I generally like Tom Ford stuff, and this collection looks pretty good. Not sure I can convince myself to dig deep into my pockets to buy any of it at the moment, I'm pretty well kitted wardrobe wise and any purchases from now on are more 'flight of fancy' than 'necessary'. Will pay a visit to the boutique to at least look at ties and shirts, can never have 'too few of these'. I think I will hold off buying suits or SC's for 2 years, and California never gets cold enough for my sweater collection to see more than 3/4 wears a year.
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Apart from a few nice suede jackets, cashmere sweaters and a couple of overcoats, the rest of the collection looks horrid. The pants in the first 10 pics are way too short and cuffs! Terrible. Then they become too baggy in later pics. Way too fashion forward and not enough style.
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There are definitely some pieces in there I'd wear. I'm loving the tuxes most out of everything.
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I like the idea of it, but the execution is not for me. It looks like he mixed cucinelli with purple label.
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