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This Liverpool game is atrocious. Only down 1-0 at half-time, I suppose there's always the chance of a send off for Tottenham or a defensive fluke (neither look likely though)
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What a performance from the Liverpudlians...
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Nani is such a diva.
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damn United

edit: Torres!
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Torres: Worst miss I have ever seen
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

Worst miss I have ever seen by Torres

he could have had a hat trick today. instead he has candidate for miss of the season.
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this game is awful, they're competing for how many sitters each can miss
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I feel bad for Torres. Actually, no I don't.
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Originally Posted by Reynard369 View Post


Thanks. I'm not sure why I confused the teams since the game had just taken place.
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Well congratulations to MU for winning, but the game was much closer than the final score indicated. MU had fewer good chances but made better use of them generally. That is a winning formula on any day.

You can criticize both teams. Sitters were flying over the place except into the back of the net. Some of the defending was rotten. But both teams went forward and played to win, and there was a lot of good football.

Torres had a good game except for the woeful miss that unfortunately will overshadow his good work today. Rooney is thankful that people will talk about Torres instead of his own penalty spot howler.
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That Torres miss had me on the floor with tears running down my cheeks from the laughter.


No, I don't feel bad. You shouldn't either. He gets paid millions to kick a ball around. The only sympathy that should be extended to players is for personal matters. As far as performance, he deserves the media's inevitable burn at the stake that they will send him through. Poor kid is washed up and he isn't even 30 yet. The miss completely eclipses his earlier goal in the match.

Oh you Spurs inlove.gif. Finally back on track. Next week at Wigan...I expect three more points tongue.gif


EDIT: Napoli over Milan and Levante over Real Madrid lurker[1].gifThis was one good Sunday of football.



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Originally Posted by comeonyouspurs View Post

Levante over Real Madrid lurker[1].gifThis was one good Sunday of football.



I am shocked, appalled, and ashamed.eek.gif
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I share an office with a Liverpool fan and after saturday was expecting a bit of stick about how Swansea beat West Brom, but I think after yesterday he might be keeping quiet smile.gif
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LOL indeed. Miserable game.
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Can't believe inter and ac Milan are at one point each !! What bothers me si that media killing inter and gasp and silent about Milan and allegri.
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