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Well, that was 15 minutes of pure penalty kick hell (and 2 eerily similar matches).
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And Chile too?

Peru / Uruguay

Paraguay / Venezuela.

Holy hell. Pass me some of that Kool-aid.
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Go Suarez. biggrin.gif

And I'm thrilled about Japan's victory. Even as an American, living here in Japan and experiencing the amount of strength of character and willpower it's taken to recover emotionally from the Tohoku tsunami disaster, I was pulling for Japan 100%.
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As an American living in America I was still pulling for Japan (as I always do when it comes to soccer international matches). Rewatched the match this morning though, so good. Watching Morgan annoyed me though, she's supposedly the fastest on the squad but most of the time she was walking or jogging.


In other news, Gervinho's taking a place up front for Arsenal

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Chivas v. Real Madrid was a great game (especially the first half, when Real still knew how to stand on their feet). It's a shame how floppy some of these players are when they're the best and certainly have the talent to thrive without doing so


Oh, and we're not going to talk about what transpired at Qwest/CenturyLink tonight

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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

The EPL still haven't got the fantasy site up and running. As soon as they do I'll set up a league for anyone interested.

In the meantime any hardcore fans interested in joing an English Championship league?

New site is up and running. It looks very different than it used to.
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Barcelona sign Sanchez for only 26M...that's more like it. Good fit...good price.
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Juve signed Vidal and will probably send Melo to Galatasaray.

Chile's two best players are moving up. I was disappointed by their Copa performance. Expected more from Chile.
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Originally Posted by embowafa View Post

Barcelona sign Sanchez for only 26M...that's more like it. Good fit...good price.

I still think its a bit much for him - definitely better though than crazy 40-45 mil figures.

Based on his copa performances, I'd put him closer to 20, but either way - nice that that transfer saga is finally done. Now snag Cesc and be done with it.
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

now snag a CENTRAL DEFENDER and be done with it.

that's more like it.
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I meant Cesc so all the transfer drama and back-and-forth stops.

But yes - a central defender would sure up the back line. Puyol is getting old. Although I do like Abidal and Pique paired up, but it then leaves the LB pretty exposed. Adriano and/or Maxwell isn't the long-term answer back there
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I'm really loving reading about all these complex "buy-back" clauses that Barça is putting in everyone's contract that they're selling this off-season. Bojan, Romeu, Jeffren - we wouldn't want any of these secondary players to suddenly surprise us and play well without a reasonable way of getting them back to the motherland of La Masia, thus avoiding more Cesc-scandals! (aka - the team that purchases the castaway actually wants to hang on to a decent player and not bow to Barcelona's wishes, thus sparking every single member of the starting XI to come out with public statements about how player X is "suffering," and really wants to come back to the Camp Nou... presumably to sit on the bench and rack up silverware while the rest of the team wins championships).

They're called loans.
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^ Ha ha!!

It's true; they seem to do that with everyone and it makes them look a little weak and paranoid.

They even do it with minor players. After loaning out Gio Dos Santos for years (and still now, I think, at Tottenham) they did it last week with his brother. Crazy.

I hope Uruguay-Paraguay is good.

Edit: well done Uruguay. Suarez and Forlan came alive at the right time, and I'm happy that the team maintained the momemtum from last year.
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Balotelli getting what he deserves!
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Balotelli yet again proves his utter facepalm.gif
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