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I'm a trial lawyer and see many women in suits every day. Some look great, some not so much, some horrid.
I'm a trial lawyer, I see men in suits every day. A few look great, a few more look okay, and the rest look horrid.
And the OP doesn't seem to realize that the optimum shape for both sexes is the hourglass, as shown by some of the British military inspired suits.
That said, a woman's suit must be tailored for a woman. My wife looks fabulous in the ones she owns. But I'm not posting pics.
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Originally Posted by Flartchy View Post
Please post a photo of an average-sized, non-skinny woman, say size 10-12, looking good in a suit. (The average size for women in the US is actually 14.) I rest my case.
My department's secretary is, I'm sure, close to the average size 14 or so, and she wears some very well fitted suits, including a really excellent dove grey peak-lapel number with faint pink pinstripes that even I envy. The problem is that most womens' clothes are really cheap, poorly fitted, and not meant to last at all. ~ H
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Next people will be saying that women don't look good in jeans.
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The topic reminded me of this advertising photo. I think they look good although quite masculine.
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