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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Thanks for the responses. But remembered SuSu jackets have working button sleeves. Still the case?

Mine do, but they are from last year. I have bought the Napoli suit this year so will see.

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Originally Posted by breideux View Post

Thanx a lot. I will place an order tonight. How was the fit? True to size?

The Havana and Washington are the slimmest susu i own.  But it's not a full size difference, maybe a half inch in the waist.  However, when compared to a Napoli it is probably close to a full size difference.  The color is much more similar to the stock photos than the pictures the other user posted.  I would say that it is actually the closet in color to the stock photos of all the "blue" pieces I have ordered. I think other colors may photograph more true to color than blue. I'm no expert on that, though.

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I can proxy if someone is interested. I'm based in Paris, France. PM me for details and fee. 


I personally ordered this one today : 




It's the new Livorno fit which I believe is not yet available outside Europe. 


Fingers crossed, it fits me (I am a short guy), too bad there is no shop in France to try them all !


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