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Originally Posted by MacGuffen View Post

Anyone have real life pictures of the York plain blue?

Would it be suitable as a standard navy suit?

Originally Posted by jjzara View Post

Mine's actually a York, I'll post pics after I get it back from the store on Wednesday.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I originally asked for a Havana and they didn't have any in store, nor were any available in plain blue online (I was hoping there were more options in store, but they actually have more stuff online), so I opted for a Napoli, but didn't quite like the colors available. The sales assistant then handed me a York in exactly the color I was looking for (a true NAVY, not blue) and I was astonished at both the quality of the wool and how well it fit me off the rack.

For reference, I am 181 cm (5'11.25") and 78.5 kg (172 lbs) and usually fit a 48 or 38R (although this is my first proper suit as I am just 22 and still in college), but the 46 (36R) York jacket fit me like a glove (slightly shorter than what traditionalists may like, but it still covered my butt entirely.) I only needed to let out the trousers' waist 1.25/1.5 inches (3 cm) and hem them. Grand total = 323 euros (450 US dollars; 275 British pounds) for the best-fitting piece of clothing I own.

As for its versatility and suitability as a standard navy suit, I think it's actually SS's best navy suit. I tried on a Napoli (I surprisingly also fit into a 46 perfectly) which is advertised as navy on the website, but is actually more blue in person, and another one which was way too dark, in my opinion. I really love the lower-buttoning stance, even though I have a long torso and shorter legs, and even though I went looking for a suit with soft(er) shoulders (I have square shoulders), I thought the light padding on the York gave me a very masculine look.
So, in short, yes. I think it's very appropriate as a staple navy suit.

Are you guys referring to this suit? If so, I wouldn't consider something with linen to be a standard. Perhaps there are more York's?
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Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

Are you guys referring to this suit? If so, I wouldn't consider something with linen to be a standard. Perhaps there are more York's?

That suit was actually available at the store and wasn't that bad for being half linen, but no, I was referring to this one:

I think it's been there for a while, it's the old, re-badged navy London, not one of the "new" Yorks.

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Blue Washington 38R blazer for sale in the classifieds. PM for deets.

I'll delete this if it's against the rules. Thanks.

Edit: SOLD
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I hope it's this one-- was thinking of looking into this one as well! I'd do it up like the paul Stuart look from spring 2014

Originally Posted by Nathan84 View Post

Great, thanks.
Will order linen Havana jacket, or maybe full suit. Didn't decide yet.
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Originally Posted by IronStyle View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Went to SuitSupply SoHo to look for some casual pants that are high rise enough for me to tuck shirts in like my Polos. Caught this image after getting it tailored (which was super fast!). I walked in and found these Saturday night not too long before they closed, and had ready for me midday today when they opened. Very difficult for me to find pants with enough rise for casual styles and materials like cotton - my butt and thighs are larger because of lifting so these just needed to take the waist in enough (since the larger waist size was needed for my legs) and of course a hem.

I already asked them to bring in the same pants in a different color they fit so well.

did you have them change the leg opening or is this the stock look?
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Originally Posted by CoenKanter View Post

@IronStyle, these look good on you!

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

did you have them change the leg opening or is this the stock look?

Leg opening was unaltered and only needed a hem for length so this is the look for this pants fit in terms of its taper. It is called the Porto fit.
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^ Given the size of your upper legs and torso, I think those pants are too narrow below the knee.
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Quick question: is there a jacket that matches these trousers (or viceversa)? This one seems like its cut from the same (or a relatively similar) fabric, but I really don't know. The trousers are a Soho fit.

I know SS doesn't do separates, but I really wanted a plain, worsted wool Havana suit in a staple color (either navy or grey).

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Originally Posted by ultramantaro View Post

Anyone knows when the San Francisco store will open?  I would love to stop by.

I heard July 2014 most recently, although the answer seems to change depending on when you ask. I believe they already have a spot picked out. A friend of mine was just in their NYC HQ and said that they had an architect sketch of the SF store on the wall.

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Today, wearing the Napol
I have a SS Lazio, a Washington, a Napoli, and 2 Havanas. Of the bunch, the Napoli is the least snazzy. Yet, I am always reminded that simple and clean lines are what really matter.
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Hi Guys,


I ordered two Napoli in 38S and 40S and two siennas in 38S and 40S. I'm trying to decide which suit fits best to keep and would appreciate fit critique and/or tailoring suggestions. 

The Napoli 40S had the least amount of indents on the upper sleeve where it meets the shoulder. On the other suits, can the indents be fixed by a tailor? What causes it?


For reference, I'm 5'-7", 165lbs, weight lift and am a cyclist. TIA


Napoli Navy 38S. The jacket felt like it fit well. 







Napoli 38S pants were very tight in the butt, thigh and waist area. I had a hard time sitting and reaching down to tie my shoes. I felt like the pants could bust open at any time. Is it possible to make these areas wider?




Napoli 40S


Jacket is alot more roomier than the 38S. Is it possible to take the waist in on the 40S to make it more tapered like the 38S jacket? 







Napoli 40S pants





Sienna 38S


Do the shoulders look too narrow? They felt more snug than the Napoli 38S. 






The Sienna 38S trousers were snug but felt better than the Napoli 38S.






Sienna 40S











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I tried on most of the Jorts and La Spallas today, and I have to say the fit of those suits is much nicer than Suitsupply's standard line. I like the lower buttoning point, the wider lapels and the shoulder construction. The fabrics are very nice too, they are fully canvassed and on top of that they fit me perfectly!

So, my question is: are there any other brands that make suits of a comparable quality for a comparable price (€699) that I should check out before pulling the trigger?
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Anyone see where the white checked sport coat from the last picture of the 2014 Spring/Summer collection on the home page is?
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Can you guys give me some feedback on this Havana 38L? Mainly I'd like to know if it's too long. I have long arms, so it passes the fingertip test, but it might break the 50/50 rule. Apologies for the poor lighting. Also, this Havana is currently for sale for $225 shipped, as I'm still on the fence about it.

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