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Originally Posted by KentWangFanBrah View Post

Guys -


New yorker checking in and I will admit candidly I know nothing about suit supply.


I am not here to start a flame war or put down anyone's else's brands, but how does the quality of suit supply compare to a place like mysuit?  


For corporate sales, what styles would you recommend?  I'm looking for that a light-medium grey suit and also a blue suit (not navy) suggestions on where I should start?


For reference I am 6'2 , roughly 210 pounds and lift weights, so slim fit probably isn't an option.

Every SS model is quite slim. The problem is usually with the trousers, as jackets are pretty OK in terms of chest and arm room.


Give Sienna and York a try. Nicest styles, IMO. Sienna is a bit more expensive than York, but still a pretty good bang for your buck. I guess your size would be 42R or 42L. 


Try these:

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Is that the green?  Man it looks like a completely different color than it does on the website.


Anyway, I now have two Copenhagen full suits.  Love them both.  The second one just arrived yesterday and it's definitely cut smaller than the one I have from last season, but still looks good.  The one I received yesterday was bought on the first day it became available, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a return, and the vents were not closed.  


Now that I think of it, the linen version I have came cut as well (it was a pure linen, the new one is a pure cotton).  Maybe they ship them that way.


In terms of the fit, I love them both.  Very tight and short, and they definitely break every fit rule I've seen bandied about the Internet, but I really like the look on me.

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It's this one.

Thanks for the info, but even if I'm the first owner, I still want a "perfect" jacket.

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It looks nice but the length won't work for me. It's a bit on the short side.
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Originally Posted by Agrajag View Post

I have just picked up my first SS sport coat. A copenhagen size 44r (I'm 182cm / 5'11"  -  67kg / 148lbs)

Is this a Euro size 44, and therefore a US 34, or a US 44?

I bought the same jacket when the outlet was open a few months back. My intentions are to wear it with jeans or chinos during summer months, so I chose a size on the shorter end, sorta like yours fits. Assuming, you are wearing it casually, the fit is ok. Might want to let out the sleeves, as you noted. My only beef is that in the profile shot the vents are open. Is it tight around your hips?
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I can easily adjust them so that they are closed, they are not so tight they will always pull apart. When I just put it on naturally/walk around and stop, one of them sometimes align like that.

RIght now it feels like borderline decision without taking the slight damages into consideration. I'll probably end up returning it, but I don't think I will try 46. I want it to be a little on the tight side.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Originally Posted by kulata View Post

It looks nice but the length won't work for me. It's a bit on the short side.

I think I will return it. Button stance is also too high frown.gif
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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

I think I will return it. Button stance is also too high frown.gif

I think that is a bit drastic. Yes, it might be a tad short, and the button stance a bit on the high side, but this is a casual summer suit not something you would wear to an important formal meeting. You have been asking for a blue windowpane the last couple of seasons- it looks good, and I am sure it will serve you well during the central European summer heat.
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I wouldn't call the decision drastic. It is a difficult but rational decision coz the suit looks good. The question is would you think of replacing it if you found something similar with a longer jacket and lower buttoning stance? It's one of the things I learned on the forum. You will end up with a closet full of items that are not quite there.

Now, if this was a sale/clearance item then I'd pick it up.
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Napoli 38R. How's the fit? What alterations would you advise? Thanks in advance.

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I'm looking at it on phone but the front looks clean. I always think the button stance and length are about one inch too high/short but this is SS so not unexpected. Your camera is slightly angled down so I think makes your leg appear slightly shorter. But not outrageously short jacket wise, I think. Others might be fine with that length.

The back waist is bunching and I am guessing you want to let out waist in back not front a bit. This might clean up the back drape.

The back shoulder doesn't look as clean. The shoulder from front looks clean though it wouldn't hurt if it was slightly less wide.

I'd lengthen the sleeves a little. A little wrinkling at elbow but now nitpicking. For more details you can ask in tailors thread

For OTR that's not a bad fit! Definitely something a tailor can clean up if it is comfy and you don't mind the shorter length and button stance.
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How can the sleeve length be just 10.4'' for size XS? Blue Summer Coat

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Originally Posted by Dingusberry View Post

How can the sleeve length be just 10.4'' for size XS? Blue Summer Coat

Their sleeve measurements have been out of whack for a few weeks. Give them a call and see if they can tell you the true measurement.
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The navy suit is the Napoli 38R and the gray suit is the Lazio 38R. I had the sleeves lengthened on the Napoli, but not the Lazio. Is there anything I can do about the jacket/sleeve length? Do the pants fit appropriately? I've only worn each suit once, but purchased them over 30 days ago. Is there any chance that SS will exchange or accept a return?

I work in a conservative environment (law firm/finance/accounting) and I need these to work in an office setting. Am I totally screwed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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