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FYI, for anyone considering Suitsupply here is some feedback and specs........I'm wearing this suit for the first time today; first impressions are good. The fabric is pretty soft. The pants (32 waist) are slim with a nice taper. I had the pants shortened by about 3/8" and the resulting ankle opening is about 8" wide. The top button of the jacket (this is the Sienna model, size 38R) is about 1.5" above my belly button. As a comparison, the 40R that I returned was about an inch above (I've heard other models have lower buttoning stances). The distance from the bottom of the sleeve to the first button hole is about an inch and 5/8ths. Looks like if you needed to shorten you could maybe cut out a 1/2" or 3/4" and not have the buttons look too too close.

So far if I could change anything it would be to lower the button stance.

EDIT: I purchased a Napoli-line suit, not Sienna.
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Awful website. WSJ writer doesn't know much about suits. Sigh. Anybody know what the prices of the Personal Tailoring at the NYC store are? It had better be lower than Mr. Ned, with his two fittings.
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Originally Posted by DrStrangelove View Post

This is one of their "London"-cut-suits (compared to "Napoli"-cut: longer jacket, lower buttoning point, chest a bit fuller)Size 40LIf someone is interested, I have a database with the chest, waist and sleeve measurements of the Sienna, London, Napoli, Jort, Washington, Roma and Lazio-cut-

Well well, it looks like the people from putthison are reading here, too:

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Store is beautiful. Unlike any concept currently in the States. Amazing quality. Best quality for price.
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Two options for personal tailoring.

Option 1:
Blueline: up to 12 adjustments, 25 or so fabrics, starting at $599.

Option 2:
Redline: Starting at $899, over 80 points of modification, linings, details, etc.
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I would have bought a jacket from them if not for the functional sleeve button bullshit to deal with.
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Love love love this place, functional cuffs included. But then their 40R fits me perfectly off the rack. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Anyone got experience with their cotton pants? Are they very trimmed fit? $129 seems not bad.
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Originally Posted by lexmann View Post

Anyone got experience with their cotton pants? Are they very trimmed fit? $129 seems not bad.

I have some:


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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

I have some:

Thanks NOBD! They are pretty slim, probably slimmer than Incotex. And the leg opening is small.
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Originally Posted by lexmann View Post

Thanks NOBD! They are pretty slim, probably slimmer than Incotex. And the leg opening is small.

You're welcome. I don't have Incotex trousers, so I can't compare them. Leg opening is 20 cm on these, I think.
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Just wanted to thank CousinDonuts for posting his measurements/experience/build re a 38R Napoli. I have practically the same exact build (I'm 1" taller but have a long(ish) torso) and have been wondering if these suits would fit me. I'm now confident enough to order a Napoli in 38R. If anyone else has measurements for 38Rs in any of SuitSupply's other cuts I'd be very grateful if they would post them in this thread.

Once again, SF pulls through in the clutch.
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Does anyone have (complete) measures of suit size 94?
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I just saw this thread, so I thought I'd post what I did in the other thread. Some random thread inspired me to try it out as a cheap beater jacket. Here is what I found:


So I finally got around to take some pictures of the jacket. I threw it on over what I was already wearing, so don't judge my outfit tounge.gif. Keep in mind that there are some folds/creases from my dropped right shoulder and I haven't yet had the quick-fix button adjusted to help alleviate it.





Some issues with the jacket (non fit related):

-I believe there is some dimpling in the shoulder
-I think there's a sleeve pitch issue
-I've never seen the type of stitching used under the collar at the top. Cheaper brands, I believe, use more of a zig-zag, while other use vertical type stitching or something else. This has a straight across type of stitch, maybe I'll take a picture sometime. I don't know much about the stitching, I just haven't seen it before.
-Stylistically, I like my skirt to have more flare. This, however, has less flare and looks more like a single-vented jacket.

Some surprising good things:

-shoulders are comparatively (to other cheap brands) very well done
-the style is very Tom-For like
-The cut is very slim
-they have my size 38L
-wider lapels
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The Spring/Summer collection is up. Half dozen casual cotton blazers, a few jackets (not sport coats, but jackets), 28 new suits, about 30 of the cutaway collar shirts. Price appear to have remained the same.

I don't know if I missed this before, but there are now size guides that give you chest, sleeve, and waist measurements for the suit jackets.

Now if only there was enough pants material for cuffs...
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