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Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

Thanks for the informative write up CP. I have a Sienna, quite a few Lazios and a havana. A Washington and a Jort are on their way from Holland. I have been a bit wary of the Washington so far, but the fabric was exactly what I have been looking for a long time, so I reckoned it was worth the risk. Of the cuts I already own, the Sienna is probably my favourite, but they are all very nice suits. I agree that the shirts are not to the same high standards as the suits. I have a double breasted winters coat on the way. Hope it doesn't disappoint smile.gif

If this is the DB coat you ordered, it is even more brilliant than appears in the picture. When I visited the SS store in Chicago, I had a chance to look at these winter coats. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they did not have a coat in my size. There were only a few on display. It was money that I did not need to spend. In the WAYWN thread, member Sprezziamo has worn this coat. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/coats/blue-coat/J244.html?start=12&cgid=Coats
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That is a beautiful coat.  They have one in a grey as well that was just as nice.  

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That's the one. Managed to get the last 36 from the European site. I will see if I can find sprezziamos post...
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Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

That's the one. Managed to get the last 36 from the European site. I will see if I can find sprezziamos post...

Check out his pictures from October 8. It is a magnificent coat. I am certain that you will not be disappointed.
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Originally Posted by Hendricks433 View Post

The lack of communication and poor customer service. Making it appear I can get expedited shipping when I really cant. If I knew it was coming from the Netherlands and I might not get it in time I would have done something differently. They also cannot change something on an order as simple as shipping even when it won't be shipped until Monday(doesn't matter in this case because its coming from the Netherlands, and something I needed to know). These should not be difficult things in this day and age and make for poor customer service. Or allow me to change my order and remove the 36S instead of having to cancel the whole order and hold $1000 for 7-10 business days and then reorder for another $1000. 

It warrants a post because it's an interaction with the company that people should be aware of and something Suit Supply should be aware of to improve as a company.

I'm with you on this man. It's the same thing that happened to a friend of mine last month. You can read the whole story some odd pages back in this thread, but it really echos your experience. Guy has wedding, orders suit and then find out it was shipped from over seas instead of a location in the USA. At no point in the order process did SS indicate this would happen.

I like SS, but this practice needs to end. It's unexeptable and should be fixed.
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What shirts from Suitsupply have this type of collar?


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Does anyone have this suit or can offer some thoughts on it? I really like how it looks, and Havana fits me better OTR than anything I've ever tried.



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Originally Posted by Bexcellence View Post

What shirts from Suitsupply have this type of collar?


Well...this would be an example of one of their shirts...you can easily go on the website and each shirt (or at least most of them) have a display of what the shirt looks like with a tie on...



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Lo and behold, SS had my suit size available for exchange at their warehouse. Anyone know what the turnaround time is? I know it will take 4-5 days for my current product to get there, but is there a process they go through before shipping the new one?

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The Havana with a bow.
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Hi everyone.  I just returned from the Soho store in NYC and picked up a second Sienna they had on hand - I needed a classic blue suit to round out the wardrobe.  The fit is excellent...but when I got back to the office, I wanted to check it out on the website.  Nowhere to be found.  The suit is still indexed in google, but the links to the suit jsut redirect you to the suitsupply homepage.


I'm super psyched, but curious why they would pull this down from the website?  I've heard of other items that were pulled for quality issues and would certainly hope this is not one of them.  Here are some pics I was able to pull from Google Images.  Anyone got any intel?


Sienna Blue Herringbone - P3708



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^Probably just sold out from their warehouse. I don't think they ship products from the store...

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It is still available on the European site
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yeah, a lot of times the stores will have suits that are no longer on the website.
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Just found out there is a vegas store so I will be visiting there this week

Does suitsupply have regular sales often like brooks brothers?
I never paid attention to suitsupply so I am not familiar with their sales pattern
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