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Originally Posted by itraxx View Post

I am considering adding a 5th button but my London only came with one extra cuff button - did yours come with two?

I do believe the inner pocket is adorned with one as well, so if you don't mind switching that one out you should be all set!
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Originally Posted by TheKongoEmpire View Post


Anyone of them. I'm not a fan of peak laps at all. I wouldn't mind trying the fits but I was looking for something slim. Do you think I should purchase another style then have a tailor make the necessary changes?

I thought you wanted a specific Washington model. Seen as that's not the case, I'd try going with any of the notch lapel models. Nearly all of their fits are rather slim, so I'm sure you can find something to your liking. Altering the lapels really isn't worth it, and especially not for a SS suit.

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Originally Posted by TheKongoEmpire View Post

It is wise to buy Washington and have a tailor change the lapels from peak to notch? I don't plan on using the boutonniere.

Just buy a jacket without peak lapels. confused.gif
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Originally Posted by DrStrangelove View Post

This is one of their "London"-cut-suits (compared to "Napoli"-cut: longer jacket, lower buttoning point, chest a bit fuller) Size 40L If someone is interested, I have a database with the chest, waist and sleeve measurements of the Sienna, London, Napoli, Jort, Washington, Roma and Lazio-cut-

I'd like it if it's still around.

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Originally Posted by TheKongoEmpire View Post

I'd like it if it's still around.

I bought a grey wool/linen London a month or two around, and it's one of my favorite Suitsupply fits. They probably still have the navy one, you should check their website.

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Originally Posted by ABCXYZ View Post


New suits from previous seasons.  If you are a 40/50, you can occasionally see a runway sample or two.  All are first quality.  It is sometimes a little hard to find a staple gray or blue, but not impossible.   It is very much worth the drive.  Also check out Maasmechellen Village.  Quieter Suit supply outlet and sometimes different stock.  Outlets exist because the retail store never mark down items, even during Jan/July sales  


Definately sounds worth the trip, I think I will be making a visit to their outlet stores very soon :)

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decided to check out their shirts. Not too bad for everyday use and some nice fabric choices.Threw in a few ties and square..
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That's a nice patterned tie there, even though I can't stand the silk my SS ties are made of. Shirts look nice.

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thanks. I don't like their silk ties either. But their cotton and linen ties are actually pretty decent. And when you only have one month of summer here in Denmark to wear them, I don´t mind if they aren't Cappelli standard...
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Ah cool, that's nice. I've a wool/linen blend from them which is quite nice to wear (and another wool one which is horrible and stretched out).

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I am considering a La Spalla (formerly known as Jort) suit...
can anyone educate me on their quality? how are the fabrics? also, any info on fit would be great.
Have read everything about them on suitsupply's website so at this point I'm interested in "real life" experience with that suit model.
PS: I'm aware of the particular shoulder construction, which is fine by me. 
many thanks :)
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I stopped in the DC store on Friday and this is what I found:

Suits - pretty big selection, pretty much what you see online, though I noticed more of the patterned stuff than solid staples. Definitely weighted towards the S/S collection.

Sportcoats - less than they carry online. Mostly the Copenhagen models, two linen Havanas, the Casablanca, and one Soho. I didn't see any Washington jackets.

Shoes - they appeared to carry just about everything you see online. I tried on a pair of dub monks and had to size down a half size. I didn't ask if they just run big, or if it is Euro sizing.

Other - plenty of socks, belts, casual pants, bags, shirts, and ties. They did not have any of the artwork inspired pocket squares, like steffen just got.

I learned something while there...if there is something you want but don't see it on the floor, ask and you may be surprised. There was a particular jacket that I wanted to try on, didn't see it, asked a salesman, and turns out they had it in the back. (I didn't ask why it wasn't on the floor)

I have now been in 3 stores - one in London, NYC, now DC - and they all have the same concept. Open floor, bright, nice salesmen, low pressure (at least I think so).
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Thanks for the writeup Cousin. I am going to London in july and will be sure to stop by at one of the stores. Hopefully they will have some fall stuff ready by then.
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Originally Posted by CousinDonuts View Post

I stopped in the DC store on Friday and this is what I found...

I'll be needing a navy interviews-and-funerals suit (to be used rarely) and right now am trying to decide between something from Kent Wang or this London from SuitSupply. Thank you for the review! I'll pay them a visit.
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How is the quality of their shoes?


I'm probably going to London this summer and I want to stop by the SS-store. Meermin is enticing, but sizing and the wait puts me off.


Note - I will check out C&J, EG and other makers with a shop in London on the same trip, but just curious as to the quality of their shoes.

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