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Sienna looks good & it is by no means "too long".
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Thanks for all the advice guys. Much Appreciated. 

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Can anyone give me some thoughts on this? I'm happy with the fit overall but I'm concerned about the sleeve length and have never tried to lengthen the sleeves on a jacket with functioning buttons (whose genius idea was that, anyway?). My apologies for the dirty mirror, my fiance is out of town and as a member of the patriarchy I cannot clean it.

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looks fine to me! no need to lengthen the sleeves.
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Pants look a little messy down the bottom. Perhaps shorten it?

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Just received a Havanna SC, but it's a little tight at the waist. How much can it be let out?

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Originally Posted by Stebbin View Post

Pants look a little messy down the bottom. Perhaps shorten it?

This is straight out of the box so the pants haven't been hemmed yet. They're a little messy pretty much throughout, though, with some drape issues in several places. I'm still happy with the value per dollar but would certainly adjust a few things in a perfect world.

Timo - this is the sleeve length I prefer. Achievable here?
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@ mxtwoforty - I also like the Sienna fit a little better than the Napoli. The overall length isn't too long (unless you want a super duper fashion forward Topman-styled coat) but I would shorten the sleeves and bring in the waist.

@ Displacement - the answer depends on how much shirt cuff you want to show. What we see in this picture is more than most wear but it isn't Jethro looking. But with the functional there is only so far you can take it. You could probably add 3/8" and not look too wonky on the button placement. But the question that I always ask myself is, if I make the change will it bug me every single time I look down my sleeve, bug me to the point I'm self conscious about it? Also, could you consider a long if this is a regular?
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Cousin - I thought about switching to a long but the button stance and length are pretty much right where I want them. The buttons are already placed fairly high on the sleeve so I don't think letting it out at the cuff is going to be an option, I might just have to bring it to my tailor and see if they're able to let it down from the shoulder.
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Originally Posted by timotune View Post

looks fine to me! no need to lengthen the sleeves.

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Lengthening 0.25'' would look better.
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That much cuff is acceptable, but if you're more conservative then lengthening it out is no big deal. You can lengthen sleeves with functional button-holes as long as it's not too much. .25 of an inch or half an inch won't be an issue. Wear it how you're comfortable or it will stay in your closet too often.
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Originally Posted by Syeknom View Post

Just of the chest/shoulders, sorry. Sleeves were all messed up from holding the camera.


Nice. What kind fabric?

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Worsted wool flannel. Lovely but going to get to warm now that it's heating up here.

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new Lazio-suit. Fresh out of the box, zero alterations.
Maybe I will have the pants hemmed, nothing else to do.
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