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Originally Posted by chet31 View Post

Let me guess, the girl was cute.

I don't really remember what she looked like....I guess that means she probably wasn't that cute.

In any case, I got a response from them over the weekend, and they said that essentially my order had been duplicated in their system. The first one went through with the wrong measurements (the shirts that I tried on that didn't fit), and the second order was all set to copy my original shirt, but it had never been fully processed. I have no idea how something like this happens.

Either way, they are processing the correct order to copy my shirt, and they still have the MOP buttons I originally brought there. They're putting a rush on the order, so I should have everything within the next couple of weeks or so. Good to know they were able to sort this out and they didn't just lose all my stuff...fingers crossed for the final product.
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I guess a "rush" priority order at this place means 6 weeks. My shirts are finally done, and they are shipping them to me right now. Even if they turn out great, I will probably not order from them was too much of a pain in my ass.
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I had a discussion via email with them a few months ago about their MTM suiting options and what local tailors they trust with alterations work...They were fact in their reply and gave in-depth answers but what I wasn't sure of when it came to their service was the ability to take correct measurements and produce a suit that won't need a few remakes or extensive tailoring when it comes back. I was told in the email that a "Swiss group" does all their tailoring for every item they sell (an Ask Andy search turned up that they use to have their suits done in NYC between 06-08), so Eilo is not the one who makes these. They did stress that their suits are fully canvased (with half of fused for those who would want them, but it is not suggested).

I recently started getting my haircut across the street from this shop at Capistrano Barbershop (great place BTW) and I decided to stick my head in there and see what was going on. There was a lady working in there who I would not have felt secure with if she was doing the measuring. She said they had their products made in Malaysia, which means: either she was clueless, the "Swiss group" has a factory in Malaysia and they were being creative with where they were addressing the tailoring, or they have moved from NYC, to Europe, to Southeast Asia for their tailoring in under 7 years (not a good sign).

She showed me a few jackets and and suits that were made for their shop, they seemed nice enough at quick glance, the shoulders were very soft, and they looked balanced but I have no clue what the stuff looked like on the person it was made for. I have a copy of their sheet they use for measurement and fit options I forget what catchy names they have for the three basic fits they offer outside of the slimmest option being the "GQ Fit"...It was described to be as "very tight" by the sales lady, but given the way Annapolis folks wear their suits, anything smaller than a 30 gallon trash bag could be "tight".

Again, my concern is the people doing the measuring are not experts in making suits, but only selling suits to people who for the most part are clueless in terms of fit. They have attractive pricing for sure, but I want to clarify their manufacturing location and see some sample jackets to try on before I consider an order....At this point, it sounds and looks like a glorified Indochino. I have a haircut tomorrow so I will try to find out more.

I still think I am going to go with Elio to do a couple MTM's for me, and be very, very exact with him on what details and fit I am expecting so I don't end up with one of the bad looking jobs I have seen on here.
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