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Early 90s "Saved by the Bell" graphics

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There was a style of graphics popular during the early 1990s, best exemplified in my mind by the opening sequence of the TV show Saved by the Bell (started in 1989). In Living Color (started 1990) is another example. I wish to know more about this style of graphic design. Does it have a catchy name, like googie or supergraphics? For lack of a better term, I shall call it Saved by the Bell graphics (SBTB). The style was very colorful, but at times seem to favor certain colors now considered unfashionable, such as aqua and teal. It seemed to draw upon graffiti as a source, but I don't recall graffiti looking like this"”or perhaps modern graffiti style has changed?
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I know exactly what you mean. I think the colors tended to be sort of neon shades and the shapes were often squiggles or geometric related. Some more examples below. there were also a few big influences/movements. For example i remember African/Jamaican being 'in', ie bright colors, lots of patterns and layers, etc. then there was the sportswear stuff like skiing jumpsuits and new fabrics like nylon, rayon, etc. Then there was grunge, but we won't go there.
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I think it would be fair to say that it started in the late 80s. Saved by the Bell started in 1989, but I'm not certain that they had same graphics back then—most likely though. Tangentially, I really think of the late 80s to early 90s as being one cohesive cultural period, with the teased hair, big shoulder pads on women (which you can see in your 90210 cast photo), and this graphical style. The montage in Wall Street (1987) where Bud gets his new apartment decorated shows a similar aesthetic.
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It probably needs another decade or so before it's classified under a name. Oh, and I'll just put this here:
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Cool site. Even that cafe they hung out in is decorated like this:
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That site is a goldmine. Check out the binder (Trapper Keeper?)
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Speaking of which, the Trapper Keeper Gallery has some good examples:
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i think a lot of it had to do with computers entering daily use and people getting all crazy with showing off new technologies in clothing and design. a lot of it, as mentioned above, was influenced by the nouveau-african movement happening around that time, taking those patterns and shapes and going from there. the west coast style just took that stuff and made it neon.
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Look up Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group, early 80s:
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I remember reading articles back in the 80's about how the Memphis Group was highly influential in the look of Miami Vice, which also took a lot of its inspiration from the buildings and style of South Beach...

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I immediately thought of the Memphis Group (as Lucky Strike mentioned). But, I also think this style emerged from work of New Wave designers from the 70s/80s like April Greiman and Jayme Ogden in LA. Her WET magazine stuff used a lot of neon colors, non-grid layouts and squiggly/abstract shapes. She was a very early adopter of the computer as well.

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From 1984. From 1981.
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I had a black Nike T-shirt in 1990-1991 that had pastel colored (green, orange, pink, yellow, etc) designs all over it (I can't for the life of me remember what they were) and the back had "Nike" written on it in the "Saved by the Bell" font. Kinda funny as we were watching some old home videos last week and my wife saw me wearing that shirt and made a comment. Then we all got into a discussion of early 90's fashion/trends and Saved by the Bell is what always comes to mind besides those crazy t-shirts and shorts I used to have. Kinda funny that this stuff only lasted several years. I remember it was huge in '89-91 and faded out in 1992-93. By 1994-'95 it was just a memory.
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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
... I remember it was huge in '89-91 and faded out in 1992-93. Thankfully, by 1994-'95 it was just a memory.


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