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Recommendation on Stonewash/light denim (pics)

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Note: I already posted this in the I have a jean question thread and did not get a response.

I have looked at the following so far which are the closest to what I am after, but they are not available in my size W32. I prefer selvedge, but non-selvedge of decent quality would not be deal breakers either. There is a pair of Diors out there that I have seen, but $300 is out of my range.


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Rag & Bone, APC, etc.
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I've seen the Spurr's, they're quite a soft fabric, felt like I was wearing sweatpants. Nudie does a few of these heavy washed jeans and are usually well done, maybe even selvedge. APC's got some mid-blue wash NS's from a few seasons ago. i just saw them at Nomad here in Toronto. Synethese (I think) recently wore some light wash denim that looked ok, PM him.
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Thanks for the input whodinie , I probably should have mentioned my luck with those two as well. The APCs are bleached, almost white, and only in Petit Standard (too tight on thighs) and R&B does something like that, but I have not found it yet either. At least my searches have brought up different variations of RAW, O/W or darker fades.
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Hi M-C,

Oh wow, did not know SPURRS felt that soft...changing my mind a bit now. Not, that there is much luck of finding them now anyways. I will call up NOMAD to see if they have those, NS would be perfect because the fit on PS on their website (http://store.nomadshop.net/collectio...s/apc-pspntsky) does not work for me.
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at least the pair of Spurr's (Leleo here in T.O.) that I tried were really soft, like 7FAM kind of denim... The APC's I'm talking about are not washed out, but are a mid-blue, almost grey blue, see pic below Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
edit - here - http://store.nomadshop.net/collectio...pc-nspnteelblu the Queen street location has a few pairs I jsut saw today. example nudies (thin finn) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Grim Tim - Super Bleach - http://www.coggles.com/item/Nudie/GR...LEACH-28R/5HFP
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If you're in the U.S. (not sure if APC sale goes to Canada) you can take advantage of APC sale: NS "Steel Blue" http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,1275.html PS "Blue Grey" http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,1288.html
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Those APCs are quite off from the shades I am after, even the Nudies, though closer, are still a darker shade compared to the examples I posted. My own faded raws look like that, so I am not all that interested in those darker shades.
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I saw some light jeans at club Monaco the other day, they felt well constructed
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RRL "clear blue" or "new clear blue"
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Originally Posted by ffatt View Post
There is a pair of Diors out there that I have seen, but $300 is out of my range.

what Diors? Send me link if size 31. I would like to do some lighter denim.
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yup. thems the clear blues. i prefer the straights but i got the SBCs and they're cool too.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

Are those the ones they sell on their website. The Color appears very different in that pic compared to their site. I hope it is the one in the pic then I would definitely be interested even if they are not selvage.

I was thinking about picking up those RRLs as well. How did you size on your pair? I hear for Straight Leg you should go two sizes down and slim boot is TTS?
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