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Gant Rugger + Polo + JCrew+ Allen Edmonds+ H&M - Priced to move

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All items are in good new or used condition. Items are priced quite fairly, so I don't expect to make any/many price drops. All items will be shipped USPS + tracking. All prices include shipping in CONUS. I will ship promptly when I receive payment. Payment should be made as paypal gift. Thanks for looking. Item 1: Naked & Famous. Weird guy indigo, Sz 32. Selvedge. W: 34 inches laid flat. Stock length. Hem is 7. Thigh at widest (just below buttocks) is 11 3/4ths. Knee is ~8.5 Worn ~10 times. Never washed. Denim still fairly crisp. Not much in the way of fading, just some very, very slight wallet fades/ whiskers beginning. Great price. SOLD http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...2011/06/nf.jpg Item 2: RRL Camp shirt. Washed and worn. Has a bit of wear in it but it is in good used shape. No pit staining or beef. Great for summer. P2P: 21. Great price. Sold http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/06/rrl.jpg Item 3 APC button up. Great fabric. Great shirt. Very good condition, worn < 5 times. Washed once. Size M. P2P: 19. Buy this. SOLD http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/06/apc.jpg Item 4 Gant Rugger button up. New with tags. Retailed for $115.00. Never worn. Nice looking shirt. Contrast collar and inner plackets. Size L. P2P: 21. 5 $32.00 http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...1/06/gant1.jpg Item 5 Gant Rugger plaid button up. Handsome shirt, pains me to sell. Just doesn't fit. Contrast collar and cuff. Cool hidden interior pocket. Like new condition. Worn once. Size M. P2P: 21 SOLD http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...1/06/gant2.jpg Item 6 New with tags JCREW shorts. Purchased from the factory store. Nice quality. New price is 42.50. Shorts are a tagged 31. Waist laid flat is 16. Inseam is 9. I'm asking Sold http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...1/06/jcrew.jpg Item 7 H&M Knit. Nice shirt. Worn once several years ago. From the Divided line. Like new condition. Size M. P2P: 18.5. SOLD http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...2011/06/hm.jpg Item 8 Pier Connection Swiss Army shirt. New with tags (cool vintage tag). Great vintage find. Bummed this doesn't fit. Slim fit. Great fabric, awesome summer shirt. All kinds of details (cool arm pockets, etc). Size M. P2P: 21. $10.00 http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...6/dsc06477.jpg Item 9 Gilded Age/Uniqlo Collab. cotton blazer. Navy. P2P 21. BOC 28. Nice jacket, especially for summer. 3 button jacket. Nice details, such as contrast pocket flaps and reinforced elbows. Single vent. Nice cropped, casual jacket, people will like you more if you are wearing this jacket. Worn twice. I'm taking a pretty significant loss on this jacket and selling it for Sold http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...6/dsc06492.jpg Item 10 Crate Squires. 168/300. Raw. Selvedge. Straight leg. Reinforced crotch. W:16. I:32. Hem: 8.5. Made in the USA. Never washed or soaked. High quality denim, on par with other mid-priced premium denim such as APC and N&F. The price is low for the following reasons: (1) I blew out the top two buttons trying to stretch these guys and (2) a very, very, very little bit of the stitching is starting unravel on the hem. You can repair this at home. The unraveling does not effect the hem's integrity and it is less than ~1/8th of inch. You can easily fix the buttons by either purchasing some buttons and attaching them yourself or taking them to a tailor. Otherwise, the denim on these jeans shows very little wear. It is deep and beautiful with some nearly imperceptible whiskering beginning. Look, these jeans aren't perfect, but for less than $35 bucks (including purchase cost and repairs), you can get a nearly new pair of limited edition raw selvedge jeans. Selling for Sold shipped. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...1/06/crate.jpg Item 11 H&M 100% cotton blue button down. Tagged M. P2P: 21.5. Great shirt. Worn and cold washed/line dried once. Like new condition. The shirt is made of a very thin, almost gauze like cotton. Awesome shirt for the beach or to wear under a casual tan sports coat. Asking $15.00 http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...11/06/hm21.jpg Item 12 Colby Backous grey chambray button up. Awesome, awesome shirt. New condition, worn ~ 2 times, never washed. If you know Colby's work, you know he's the best. I have a number of his shirts and they're all great - I just don't get to wear this one very much. It's a M. P2P: 20.5 Reinforced sleeve and body seams. I'm asking Sold shipped. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...2011/06/cb.jpg Item 13 Ralph Lauren Polo shorts. Tagged size as a 34, but the waist is 16.5 and the inseam is 11.5. Good condition with no discernible flaws/beef/stains/whatever. Very nice pair of shorts with a great-but-subtle navy check pattern. I always got a lot of compliments on these. Moving out of the shorts phase of my life, however. Purchased for something like $110. Selling here for $25.00 shipped. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...11/06/polo.jpg Item 14 J Crew Vintage Slim Khaki Chinos. ~W:16.5, ~I:33. Color is brown/taupe. Bought on here but never got much use. Washed and worn a couple times. A tiny bit of intentional distressing at the hem. No stains, beef, whatever. Asking $25.00. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...intageslim.jpg Item 15 Allen Edmonds "Chester." Size 10 B. Brown. Beautiful shoe. Overall, in very good condition. Small nick on the left heel and the usual character that develops when, you know, wearing shoes. Soles in pretty good shape. Heels have been rubber capped. Taken good care of, stored with shoe trees, etc. Will be shipped in shoe box (not the original box). Asking $50.00 shipped. Shoe trees not included. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/ae1.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/ae2.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/ae3.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/ae4.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/a51.jpg Item 16 Johnson & Murphy Dobson. Size 11 M. Nice shoe. Had a luggage incident last summer and ended up purchasing these for $150.00. They don't really work with my full time wardrobe. They've been worn exactly twice and are in like-new condition. They have been taken care of well and stored with shoe trees. Will be shipped in original box. Asking $50.00 shipped. Shoe trees not included. http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/jm1.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/jm2.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/jm3.jpg http://ghostelephants.files.wordpres...011/07/jm4.jpg Thanks for looking. Thanks for looking.
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What waist size/inseam are the J.Crew shorts?
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Added some measurements for the Naked&Famous. I have been getting a lot of interest in these.

Marked the sold pieces.

5% drop on H&M knit.
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Dibs On Naked And Famous!!! !!!
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h&m knit gone
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Sold items marked. 5% drop on Pier Connection shirt.
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Added Gilded Age/Uniqlo jacket.

Dropped prices on a couple items.

Will take reasonable offers if you buy more than 1 item.
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some drops.

sold items marked.

open to taking reasonable offers on all items.
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What size is the Uniqlo blazer?
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Couple more drops.

Added pair of Crate jeans.

Sold items marked.

As always, thanks for looking.
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Got the Uniqlo jacket super fast. Looks great. Thanks!
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Got the Crate's right away, as described. Bump for legit seller.
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New Adds.

Sold items marked.

Reasonable offers on multiple items welcome.

Thanks for looking
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Sold items marked.

Drops on a couple items.

Someone buy this goddamned Gant Rugger shirt.

Thanks for looking.
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moar drops.
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