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Chicago suit stores?

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Where have people had good luck with either custom, OTR, or OTR-and-tailored suits in Chicago? I've had some good luck getting shirts from Balani on Monroe Street - a lot of luck, actually - and was thinking about getting a couple suits there, as well. Wondering if people could share their experiences with Chicago suiting, including variety, fit, etc.?
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What's your price range?
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Probably $500-$1,000.

Though I am willing to spend a little more if it turns out that it is absolutely not possible to get it right at that price, though I suspect it probably is.
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I am interested to see what replies to you get. Chris Despos is out of this price range, but I have heard he is the best in Chicago. Balani suit pockets can be pulled out to act as a PS?
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What is a PS?
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Originally Posted by UCMaroon View Post
What is a PS?

Pocket Square.

Paul Chang Custom tailors might work. I believe he charges around 1200 for a suit, depending on fabric.
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There's always the old standby - Brooks Brothers on Michigan Ave or the one on LaSalle St at the Rookery. They just had a 30% off sale on suits this past Sunday. I wanted to grab the Navy Irish Linen suit, but they didn't have it in my size. Anyway, if you get the corporate discount card it's always good for 15% off year round.
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Saks Off 5th near Woodfield Mall has a nice selection of suits in the $500-$1,000 range.
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morris and sons

Gurnee mills has
Neiman Marcus oulet store
Saks outlet store

Check Filene's Basement for possible buyouts from high end stores
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Nordstrom Rack in downtown has some HF, I saw a couple of Armani Colezioni there too, it really depends on location for outlet stores, the Marshall's near Woodfield had a couple of Dolce & Gabbana one's marked down to 600 from like 2,000. And Off fifth the Sak's outlet had a buy one get one suit free this weekend.
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I know its out of your price is out of mine, but Paul Stuart has some amazing staff and an amazing collection of suiting with various fittings. Very prompt in getting your size and catering to your needs. I vowed, after trying on a suit of theirs, that once I get the money and status to be able to rock their suits that I would buy one.
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And check out the huge RL store while you are on Michigan. RLBL and RLPL are decent deals when they're on sale.
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check out syd jerome. i was there in november it was one of the best shopping experiences i ever had
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I live in the area, I only buy suits on the B/S forum here....
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For all the major retailers (Brooks, Saks, Nordstrom, Boss, Barney's, Bloomingdale's) I would suggest waiting until sales. You can get nice suits for 30-40% off at the typical Jan/Jun sales. As someone who lives and shops in Chicago frequently, I would find it hard to pay full price for most things (suits included). Sometimes paying full price is more of a necessity at a place like Paul Stuart or with timeless classics (your solid greys, navy blues, etc). With Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, etc., it's a total crap shoot (often a bust, but sometimes you strike gold). So all of that depends on your time frame.

The Sales Associates at the Saks men's store on Michigan Avenue are probably some of the best dressed guys out there and that Saks carries everything from Boss to Brioni, so you have quite a wide range of prices to choose from, however minimum prices are probably $600.

But it also depends, maybe you don't like shopping at big department stores and prefer more intimate experiences that can be had at places like Syd Jerome or Morris & Sons.

As some of the previous posters have indicated, you're probably not going to get anything spectacular MTM / custom in Chicago in that price range.
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