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Should I finish this qualification...

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Hi Guys,

I'm a handful of years out of uni. Passed all 3 levels of CFA, with charter pending completion of work experience. I'm thinking of tackling the last 3 actuarial exams. My long term objective is probably to get into an IB front office or corporate finance, my skills are analytical and building spreadsheet models/vba. Currently I work in an unrelated role-reporting.

-I don't have much motivation to go back into a traditional actuarial role, and that's really the value in actuarial qualifications.
-will get me some letters after my name if i finish
-is expensive: about $2500 per course
-pass rate is pretty low ~40%
-looks interesting to an employer on a resume

Thoughts in my position?


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if you are wanting to work in IB what purpose would actuarial qualifications help you?
I knew someone studying for that once and it is extremely difficult nothing close to financial math. If its expensive and you don't want to be an actuary then no point.
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Originally Posted by ginlimetonic View Post
Thoughts in my position?

For an IB or corporate finance role, the actuarial certification will not make a positive impact, and may in fact make a negative impact. The question I'd have is: if this person really wants to be a banker, WTF did he go through the pain and suffering of the actuarial program? There's just absolutely no reason to do it.
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