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Gotta Roll With The Punches Brah.
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Very sad. Next time. don't hug the bag.
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^^^ yeah... hold that shit out in front of you man
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Next time burn the bag.
...or assign someone else to do it.

What kind of office has gunk in their trash anyway? find out who throws liquid shit in the bag and go hells-bells on them, make employees empty their liquids in the sink or outside.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post
Hope you have a poorly dressed maid, otherwise this is kinda douchey.

Douchey, really? Maybe it's my limited means and humble background that taught me not to do dirty things in nice clothes, but I always assumed that was common sense. But I guess this is styleforum where everyone makes 250k+ and washes their cars in Steed and Kiton.
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I would've just pulled a new shirt and tie off of the shelf and put it on (assuming that you're a clothing retail store manager).
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I have had faith in the fact that you will return to the right path, and I am happy you did, mister Dig.
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