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I really can't get enough of the styling of that shoot
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Kenta pulls off those fits very well.

Nice to see Nepenthes on P&B.
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Cant decide between navy wool flannel bedford, or herringbone bedford..
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I vote herringbone, that is a cool jacket. Navy wool is nice too I guess, just a little less exciting to me.
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Originally Posted by Peter1 View Post

Timpoblete, you're sort of the EG guru here...what do you make of the move to a mainstream retailer?
I'm going to sound like a grumpy old grouch but I hate when "my" brands/music/restaurants/etc. move to a bigger stage, so to speak. I can't think of a single one that improved by going bigger.

My views are pretty much in line with Shoreman's: they've been at Bloomie's and Barney's for a while, online at Barney's and Yoox for a while too, so they've been on a bigger stage. It's cool that they offered some of the quirkier pieces so that some of the folks that haven't paid much attention to the Nepenthes/Needles/S2W8 side of things get a taste. I'm not too familiar with P&B, but I'm assuming it's kind of like Gilt in that they're only selling the stock they have and once they sell out it's done? If so, it's kind of like a pop up shop.
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I say herringbone, here's me in mine yesterday

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^ Nice fit, Bryan

Originally Posted by FlyingLotus View Post

Cant decide between navy wool flannel bedford, or herringbone bedford..

Get both (like me! satisfied.gif)


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I've actually had my eye on the Olive wool bedford that inventory has...seems like a nice change of pace from navy. Olive flannel Andover is good too.
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So i feel like the sleeve lining is the biggest issue with my bedford, wondering if it's possible to have it removed?
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Don't forget we have the Bedford in Charcoal Railroad Stripe.

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Anyone know of anywhere that still has the snowflake shawl knit jacket in a large??

Slept on the one at Nomad and they're sold out now.

Thanks for any help on this.
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What's the Cambridge pant fit like? Is it huge like all other EG pants? Anyone actually have measurements?
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Anyone care to proxy me one of these to help me through a cold winter smile.gif, They don't do International Shipping to the UK facepalm.gif
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does it need to be maroon? bureau have them in navy, grey and black...
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