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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post
what's the difference between the baker, landsdown, and andover jackets? (besides material)
Pockets and likely fit is slightly different. Also, I assume details in the back, which we can't see from the lookbook. Baker = 1 left chest pocket, 2 flap pockets Andover = 4 flap pockets Landsdown = 4 open pockets (looks like the Derrick Jacket from last year minus two pockets)
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F/W '11 is looking dangerously expensive for me. I haven't liked a season this much since S/S '09.
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can't decide between the cruiser and the landsdown jackets. can only kop one. I'll probably wear the cruiser more, but I kind of want a blazer in my wardrobe
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I will get to posting my pictures hopefully this weekend. If anyone has requests for an item they want and we're not carrying it, let me know. The sooner I get requests in, the more likely we will succeed.

On another note, days are ticking away and we need your Vote here, Please and Thanks!!!!

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^ Looking forward to seeing what you picked out Gary.

Some more pics from Nepenthes Osaka: http://neposaka-news.jugem.jp/?eid=404

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EG FW11 looks strange to me...

Some pieces look (I'm judging solely based on pictures, mind you) very slim-fitting, which is something I'd like.

Others seem pretty large/sack-like.

Also: what about prices? Is EG getting more expensive this season? I had a feeling that, quite the contrary, they were getting progressively less exclusive (do you remember when many online shops wouldn't actually let you buy EG stuff online, like Visvim still manages to do?)
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Originally Posted by timpoblete View Post

when is eg expected to hit stores? anybody know where they will stock the bib/hoody?
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^Usually, EG starts hitting US stores in August. Not sure who's carrying that particular piece, but I'm sure Timpo can submit a stockist request for you.
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thanks for the info bud!!
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I gotta say EG has done it again. There are at least three pieces (mostly jackets) I want for this season.
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i dno that bib shit looks pretty corny
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Any info on the tie he's wearing?
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Originally Posted by malcolm4819 View Post

Any info on the tie he's wearing?
Fair isle knit tie. No idea if any will be included in the EG FW11 collection, but other companies/designers will no doubt start selling some once fall hits.
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i like the hood bib thing, it looks like an interesting piece to layer and it might be something from eg that i'll buy this fall.
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