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Burberry dress shirts

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Any opinions on the fit and quality?
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Unimpressed. I was once going to a conference, and did something stupid to my shirt on the plane, so I bought a white French cuff number at the Harrod's in Heathrow without trying it on. It fit OK, but it was made of a cheap fabric that was so paper-thin that I couldn't wear it. Fortunately, I had enough time to take it to the main Harrod's and exchange it for a proper shirt. (I think I replaced it with a Harrod's house-brand shirt that fit better, but was demonstrably superior in terms of fabric quality.) Peace, JG
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The couple sportshirts I have are OK, nothing special, not terrible either. Fit is a bit roomier than I like, but I find that's typical of most shirt makers. In the same price range, New & Lingwood make some excellent shirts.
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I've been reasonably satisfied with the Burberry dress shirts I own.  As noted above, they're nothing to write home about but I certainly haven't had any particular problems with 'em.  In fact, I'm wearing one in French blue today, as I type, and I think it looks rather snazzy. As with most things, I think it depends upon issues of value.  If you're paying full, retail price at a Burberry boutique, your dress shirt dollar might be better spent elsewhere.  If, however, you're able to pay outlet store prices (I picked up each of mine at an Off Saks Outlet for $50 a a pop) then I think you've done well for yourself.
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