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Originally Posted by GQgeek
Everybody has insecurity issues and I won't deny that I occasionally act on them. Anyone that says they're completely confident, all the time, in every situation, is lying. However, insecurity had nothing to do with this particular situation.

As for the movie and Clive Owen's character in particular, how would you expect him to react to the fact that his wife had been fucking another guy for a year? Or are you a saint? Anyhow, I've now been up for 30 hours and it's time to go home because i'm having trouble completing my thoughts.

I can certainly understand your position, I just take a different one. In my mind, if your wife and some other guy have been pulling that shiat, it's best to just get the hell away from both of them ASAP. "Revenge fucks" or whatever only make a bad situation worse. I can certainly see the desire for revenge, but IMHO, the best, healthiest bet is to be rid of both of them ASAP.

Incidentally, I do believe that Clive Owen's character makes quite a few references to the damage the whole thing has inflicted upon his ego (and justifiably so). It was about insecurity.

But really, psychoanalyzing guy movies detracts from their very "guyness" and I will stop and go watch "The Ya-Ta Sisterhood" or something.
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Originally Posted by JBZ
- Reservoir Dogs - I've always thought that this movie provides
an excellent example of how guys talk when there are no women around -
maybe not in the "Tarantino cool" dialogue, but with the same

Action: _Reservoir Dogs_ and its Hong Kong antecedents like _City on Fire_
Guytalk: _The Last Days of Disco_
Guytalk: _The Pompatus of Love_

Suspense: _Very Bad Things_

Its own category: _Dice Rules_
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Speaking of the Dice-man, what about The Adventures of Ford Fairlane?
That could pretty much be considered a "guy" movie.
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Vintage Falcon.
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Hard Boiled off the top of my head.
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I like the Bourne movies and Braveheart.
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