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What's your favorite 'cheap' beer? - Page 8

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us; resurection
ca; dennison weiss
euro; cantillon (hey its half price over there)
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As far as dirt cheap goes, it's Natty Light since High School. Step up, Coors Light. The following are the cheapish beers that I legitimately enjoy. Very cold. American: Highlife Mexican: Carta Blanca Chinese: Tsing Tao Japanese: Asahi Germany: Spaten Netherlands(?): Amstel Light
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PBR for very cheap
Pacifico for more expensive.
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It seems like everywhere I go lately is selling Yuengling pints for $2 so I'll go with that.
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I have been having some Old Milwaukee (not to be confused with the barrel of shit that is Milwaukee's Best) and its not bad for what it is..far better than PBR and I think I'd take it over bud. Considering I got 2 24-cases for $4 (there was a rebate...) I would have to say it was the best beer for the price ever.
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Grafenwalder German lager from Lidl at 75p for a 500ml tin. It is reiheitsgebot so no chemicals.

Not the best beer in the world, but very drinkable at a lowish price.
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Not sure how cheap you wanna go, but my favorite cheap is "GourmetBryggeriet"'s double bock, which is around 2,5$ for half a litre. 4 for 2 $ on sale...
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San Miguel.
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Ottakringer. (It's an Austrian beer and cheapish Austria...)
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i always drank Mickey's. stuff's horrible. but it got you buzzed real quick.

back in the day.
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Sucks - the two cheap beers I love are impossible to find here - 1> Yeungling 2> Mich Light - ever since ultra came out, finding Mich Light is harder than spotting a chupacabra
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high life mgd
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yuengling easily
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I find that genesee beer quenches my pallette quite nicely.
10.99 for a 30 rack

local beer for me, a little background on myself: College student, lives with 7 other guys. Ill do the 30 rack in a night.

the best part of genesee beer is that its soo pissed water down it doesnt stain my nice cloths =D
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Will throw down for a case of PBR for $14 any day of the week.
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