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hardy har. yea all of these consumables are definitely good American gifts. yet I'm still looking for something permanent
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In Australia we tend to gift foreigners boomerangs, opals, didgeridoos, kangaroo pelt rugs and merino fleece quilts. I'm sure America has something thats uniquely American-sourced. Maybe something like an alligator card holder?
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Many of the European and Asian foreigners I've encountered are really enamored with cowboy and Indian culture. You might think about handmade blankets made in the southwest. Another option is classic American photography books that focus on 20th century urban themes and the southwestern landscapes. Things that are very American. Also, jazz box sets from people like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington are good options. Here are a couple photography book options.
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jazz box set?

another thought - not permenant, but pretty cool - there are spice merchants who do box sets of spice mixes that are inspired by different US cities, chicago, new york, new orleans, etc. that would be a cool gift
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wow forgot to check in here. StephenHero as usual your taste is flawless. I like the Wild West idea but they didn't visit that part of the country on this trip so I don't think it would be meaningful to them. jazz box sets as a few have mentioned are a good idea - they probably havent heard that kind of music before. I'm really getting into the idea of a photo book though. I flipped through a small one while waiting at Grand Central the other day and finally saw the appeal. that Taschen one looks great I will definitely check that out. they spent time in Boston, NYC, and DC and definitely loved NYC. (although first reaction was it's dirty .. thx Bloomberg.) I hope the Taschen one includes some contemporary shots though ... their favorite part of the trip was definitely the view from Top of the Rock. due credit: going back I realize willpower's suggestions were right on the money as were globetrotter, others, etc. thanks all for the ideas, some times it takes time for good ones to settle in
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Tiffany Silver.
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Die Hard Director's Cut Collector's Edition Box Set

Yippie Ki Yay Motherfucker! This is America.
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I can see the building that I am in right now in this photo. Maybe even the window as well. Cool.

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yea i particularly like that book because my friends don't know anything about american, or world, history.
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They have one on LA too.
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Where can I get a gift set of spices inspired by different US cities?

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