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Hypothesis: having wealthy Chinese/otherwise Asian parents is a superpower that can be used for good or evil. Example: Hermes Man could get on a plane to Hong Kong and spend the price of 3 of these T-Shirts commissioning a Chan.
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I know that Hermes Man's approach is alien to SF values, but...

Wearing clothes that look obviously expensive even to people who haven't seen a whole lot of expensive clothes in their life can be much more rational and reasonable than wearing subtle, restrained and tasteful expensive clothes. Unless you live in a very stable and stratified Western society and don't have any meaningful social interactions with people who don't have Ivy League degrees, it's not such a dumb idea to wear clothes that say whatever they say about you loudly and clearly.

Sure, leaving the tag outside the shirt is probably a little too loud and clear - a $400 T-shirt should hopefully look obviously different than a $10 T-shirt even to someone who's never seen a $400 T-shirt in person. In the vast majority of the world, though, some degree of label-whoring is just plain smarter than avoiding logos.
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Originally Posted by hermes man View Post
so recently i just bought a giorgio armani t-shirt for around 400$usd (i actually paid full retail without discount for the first time on GA items..) anyway here is the t-shirt i feel insecure if there is no hint of what brand of tshirt i am wearing, many other brands they sometimes give discreet and subtle hint of the brand however for Giorgio Armani there is not a single hint telling others what brand it is.. so i felt compelled to leave the logo hanging outside in order to let others aware of my t-shirts brand.. so do you think it would look weird if I purposely leave the label hanging outside like this
No, it doesn't look as if that's going to work. The label is awfully small, so unless somebody stands really close behind you (and reads upside down) they're not going to be impressed.
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HermesMan, come here. Sidebar. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
OK, it's time to up your game. Buying ostentatious designer clothing is like the elementary school of dressing to show off your money. Amateur level stuff, and some people never graduate. You know what is way cooler? Wearing a subtle bespoke suit or something expensive and beat up. Right now everyone can see that you're desperately trying to show off the little money you have instead of people realizing that you have too much to care about the tag on some crappy t-shirt. It reeks of desperation and if you really wanted to up your game you would go way more subtle. The wealthy Westerners you are trying to imitate are way, way beyond this stage in dressing to show off their money. It's time to catch up. edit: Would you ever hear someone who was actually really wealthy and had a great sense of style bragging about how they, for the first time, didn't buy something on sale? No, no you wouldn't.
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Definately keep the tag inside the shirt. Leaving it out will totally diminish any style credibility whatsoever.
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Sadly, I think he is serious about this.
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Originally Posted by Patek View Post
Sadly, I think he is serious about this.
Oh yea he's real - check out his "So High Fashion Blog" complete with the offending Armani Tshirt and such gems as:
"Thaksin former billionaire prime minister of Thailand now living in exile spotted rocking Louis Vuitton Belt and Burberry shirt. I dont like how he runs his country but i respect him for his interest in branded stuffs!"
"...too bad our Burberry dont have them in Malaysia! dont ask me to find them overseas! because i am not a traveller.. for 2 good reasons I want to spend my money in Malaysia to help our economy and lastly I am afraid to travel oversea because sked virus."
AND the best of all:
"Even the Nazis uniform make those krauts look so sharp and charismatic. So yea Hugo Boss are not only famous for their marketing and premium fused suits, but they are the company who made those awesome uniforms for the Nazis."
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when i see someone bragging about using some brand i feel i need to tell him something: 1: You are way too insecure, go see a shrink, maybe you re depressed. 2: You don't need to show the brand for people to tell. A lot of people easily recognise world's best brandes Patek Phillippe, JLC, Hermes products, etc... Showing the label is caring way too much about what unknownlegeable people thinks ... People who care will notice without you showing the brand ... 3: You're a f*****ing idiot! Stop doing that crap and maybe you will get laid someday (or at least by someone who actually cares about you and not a goldigger who will take all you $$$ and then leave)
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Originally Posted by Minarchist View Post
Y'know, for the price of two of those shirts you could get yourself a really nice take pictures that don't suck...
Yes he could buy a nice Leica for what he would spend on just two of these t-shirts, instead of using that cheap PoS iPhone knock-off he's evidently got.
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I still love my new avatar.
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Originally Posted by jawzzy View Post
The wealthy Westerners you are trying to imitate are way, way beyond this stage in dressing to show off their money. It's time to catch up.
I'm not sure catching up with wealthy Westerners, imitating them accurately and doing things that would actually make a positive impression on them would be anything but a colossal waste of time and money for someone who might never actually meet a wealthy Westerner in person.
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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post
Oh I don't think he needs help, He enjoys what he likes. He's your typical probably nouveau riche Chinese alpha male. They're quite common in places like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. I think Hermes Man is somewhat unusual though because he blogs about it in quite good English and in great depth.

Brand whoring is absolutely endemic in this part of the world. Even the students at the local schools will often draw famous western designer luxury logos on their tracksuit school uniforms with laundry marker.

Huh, I never found many guys in SG to be so brand and image obsessed. Most of the ones I've met are just the shorts and t-shirt type, though of course there are those who care about how they look. From my experience the women are 100x worse, total brand whores. Better be prepared to drop down some serious cash on some branded purses if you ever want to date a singaporean girl!

Does anyone know how hermes man affords this? Rich parents I'm assuming, but does he earn any of his own money, and if so, what does he do?

I'd love to be able to afford a $400 t-shirt, shit!
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his blog looks legit... legitimately owned by a major asian tool. looks like any other rich, spoiled, closeted asian asshole that dots south east asia like a bad case of herpes. this guy makes bryan boy look like fucking cary grant. jeesh.
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