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You seem to have a large drop (good for you, I have a large drop in the opposite direction) and the cut is ascentuating it. If that is the look you are going for, no harm, but I would prefer slightly smaller shoulders and a more relaxed waist/hips. Your shape will still come through, but it will be more subdued. And the collar is a bit too big for you.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

And the collar is a bit too big for you.

That's what really caught my eye.

How many fittings? Oh...and thanks for sharing.
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@edmorel and @Murlsquirl good eye on the collar. I had three fittings, with an option for a fourth (but it was expensive to keep returning to NYC). I was happy at the third fitting with the collar ironically enough, because it sat nicely on my traps then (and it was the first time in my life I thought a collar fit me). There is definitely some slight pulling now as I turn (the picture isn't straight on). It's less noticeable when I stand straight. I missed the issue and didn't notice it until I received the jacket via mail. Still happy with how it turned out, defects and all since it was a first attempt. @edmorel is also correct vis-a-vis my large drop. I currently wear a size 31 waist and actually lost quite a bit of weight after a cut cycle between fittings (big time gym rat). Luigi cuts a slimmer cut than his father, certainly. Because it was my first bespoke experience, I tried to let Luigi guide me as opposed to the other way around. Chalk it up to timidity on my end.
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You had all of these fittings in NYC? I can't recall -- has he been back to NY three times since his hiatus?

By the way, when is his next NYC trip? Have not received notice.
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Originally Posted by bry2000 View Post

You had all of these fittings in NYC? I can't recall -- has he been back to NY three times since his hiatus?

By the way, when is his next NYC trip? Have not received notice.

I think it's been three times.

Next visit is in Sept.
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He has been back four times since his hiatus, as I attended on his first visit back, I believe. Beginning September of 2015, December, April, and the end of this past June. He visits quarterly at this time, from my understanding. He was also quite good communicating with me over time compared to past experiences.
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F*** me - how is it, that every single tailor shop I happen to cross, messes up my order somehow. I'm new to the game - and heck, I'm ready to all-in on OTR soon. So here's my experience with Solito. I visit their shop in Naples, and choose fabric and so on. We agree to meet up in London. I email with him a couple of times, trying to arrange the london meeting, regarding dates and times and so forth. I show up on London, and he doesn't have my jacket with him (it not made, even though he says it is), and he doesn't even recognize me. So a whole day wasted traveling from Denmark to London. He promises me, to get things in order. I send him the emails below - and absolutely no response. What a freaking waste of my time. So everybody is hereby warned. I will be posting this on the Solito thread as well.


Hi again,


I’m still waiting for response  - see below.





Hi Luigi,


I, quite unhappy with the situation last Thursday. When paying that much for a bespoke jacket – I expect things to be in order. I’m not pleased with a whole day of travel being wasted – and money as well. I’ve spend 240 Euros on the trip to London – which I expect to be deducted from the price of the jacket 2100 (price of jacket) – 240 (travel expenses) =  € - do you agree ? And with regards to a whole day wasted on travels – I expect the service to be extraordinary good in the future.


And just to make sure, that we don’t end up with any mistake again in the future – I would like to receive a photo of the jacket, so we can agree on the fabric. And next time you’re in London and I’m available at the same time, we can have the first fitting ?


1237 DKK planetickets


200 DKK parking at the airport


275 DKK – train tickets from airport to london


100 DKK – underground from victoria – charing cross







Emne: Re: London show - adress ?


Dear Bardia

The date is perfect

I will becat The Traveller's Club

106 Pall Mall

See you soon

Best Regards



Inviato da iPhone


Il giorno 21 giu 2016, alle ore 08:24,




I’ve ordered planetickets and will be seeing you on the 7th of july at 4 pm. Where in london is the trunkshow ?

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I would remove your personal info from the above. The internet is not kind with such info.
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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

I would remove your personal info from the above. The internet is not kind with such info.

then he'd better change his user name + location too

@Davarpanah please keep us posted... and good luck!
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Looks nice.
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Not the most tech savy - how would people be able to misuse my email adress ? Send me junkmails or ?


And with regards to Luigi - he came out of the bush as soon as I made him aware of my post here. He insist that the already tried to contact me through email to pay me back the money I spend on going to London. Never received that email - But as long as I'm not sure why I didn't receive it, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt !


So trying to decide weather to make a new appointment with him - or not ? I'll be sure to keep you guys up to date !

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Identity theft & email spoofing come initially to mind. You can't underestimate the deviants on the internet to leverage any type of personal info.

Such is the world now...
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Originally Posted by Mark Lee Jin Yi View Post

Just received the Ciardi yesterday. Been super busy so haven't had the time to start a new thread and write about it yet, but here's a pic: 

Looks nice!
Would be good to see some more pictures if possible.
What's the starting price point for ciardi? I may be interested in commissioning a 2 piece.
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Was the SC requested to be that length?

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Ciardi starts at 2200 euros in Naples I believe. A friend of mine recently received his jacket from Ciardi and the back is so clean, its sublime. 


The SC was not requested to be so short. The chinos I was wearing was quite a low rise (lower than what I usually wear) which makes the overall effect look quite short. I think if the jacket was about 2-3cm longer it would be perfect. 

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