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Where to buy a suit-euroi, or others..

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Ok, EuroInterloper, or anybody else: I need some advise this time, as of now I am a student once again, in gradschool. 1-This was a quesiton for suits: I like the double vent, flatfrong, 3-button, narrowed trousers or so, but the problem to that a lot of the desingers her in the US have thier suits in ventless styles, and pleated pants--I don't care if it's Boss, Armani, et al who make them, but I don't want that style. The only brandname around that makes something close to this would be Benetton. i-where can I find these types of suits, and ii-I'm going to Italy this summer, where can I find these type of suits that have good wool quality to them, mind you also since I am a student again the "ways and means" for me to get the more of the higher end of these clothes is limited, so I do have to try for a reasonably good price. iii-Where can I buy those shirts that have a double button on the front collar,- it's still the spread or English collar but the top part is a 2 button, I saw them when I was over in France, but like an idiot I did not buy any-when I should have, does anybody know where these could be bought. iv-If someone has been to Itlay recently, how much in Euro's could this cost, or does anybody know at what price the outlet stores in Italy sell them for. Anybody's input would be helpful LSI
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I'm in grad school too, and I used to go about twice a year to Europe, so we have similar experiences. First off, diffusion lines like Miu Miu, D&G and Emporio Armani are much cheaper in Italy, and they don't have the same cachet as they do here. I think that they think of these lines in the same terms as we think of DKNY, cK, etc... so you are likely to find a deal on these. Sisley, which is a division of Bennetton, also provides good value for money. Since you are looking for a rather modern, youngish suit, the diffusion lines are an especially good bet. Double-vented suits are less popular than they were a couple of years ago, (ventless is the more common form, I think,) but most flat-front pants are becoming the norm, especially at the more modern brands. Second, when I was in Italy last, the regular price of any designer was about 1/2 of what it was here. However, because of the stability and strength of the Euro, the relative price of designer clothing has really climbed recently. You might want to look into going to the factory outlets that dot the Italian countryside, usually situated a little away from urban centers. They are similar to our factory outlets, except that the goods come from the coveted Italian designers. Every travel guide lists them. Shirts with double buttons at the collar were made by Gucci last season, and also by Jil Sander, and are a cool detail. Scrounge around Century 21 or Loehmann's. You could also go to Custom Shirts and get them made for about $130 each, which is pretty reasonable considering the price of designer clothing these days.
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I can't remember who it is, but one of the better shirtmakers has the double button collar as a signature detail and has for a while (not as a fashion/trend). There is one that lines up for each edge of the button side and placket side (I doubt that made any sense). They are off-center slightly and one is higher, and I imagine it keeps the collar from twisting and rumpling the first section of the placket. Someone here must know who I'm talking about. I'll try to figure it out.
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LAGUY, Thanks for the advise, but I still thought that double vents were popular? When I was in France last summer(mind you it was a year ago) a lot of the guys were wearing double vents, only reason, because it has that Saville Row look which I really like, thats all. Thanks again for the input. LSI
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I believe Zegna has some flat front styles in the current season with side vents and 3 buttons. Or perhaps custom made or made-to-measure, often cheaper than you'd think. If you'd like to e-mail me, I can e-mail back web sites and/or stores near you that could help. However, I only have knowledge of the U.S. EI might be able to help you with Europe.
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LSI, There are quite a few good tailors in Italy that are low priced because they have all the neccesary materials nearby. Therefore, if you want the Savile Row look, go to Italy and find a cheap, almost back-alley tailor, and ask him for what you want. Alternatively, come to London and stop by Alexandre, which is a ready-to-wear/made-to-measure Savile Row department which has lower prices than some of its peers. I recommend the latter in terms of sartorial elegance, but the former should have a cheaper price.. I know a few of my friends who do that when they were short on cash in their undergrad years. I hope that helped... I asked some of my afore mentioned friends if the tailors they used were still around, and they said that most had closed, so I guess it'd be up to you to scout around for yourself... --European Interloper
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You can find what you`re looking for in terms of suits with both Armani Collezioni and Canali. Made-to-measure is about 20% more than rack for those labels. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, it's a good alternative and not too expensive. You can chose from a variety of fabrics and specify that you want the side vents. Most labels that do made-to-measure however will offer the same choices. So if you go that route, you can look around at other brands. Both of those labels do offer the suits you want off the rack though, it's just a matter of finding a store with the fabric and cut that you want. I`d wait till you go to Italy though unless you need it right away. Like the posters above said, it'll probably be cheaper, not to mention it's always more fun shopping in other countries. Oh and Armani Collezioni has some shirts with the two buttons on the front collar. I bought one that had the two buttons and french cuffs. I've found very different stock at different stores though, so you might have to look around for them.
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