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The (label) King has Returned!

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^ The video breaks after 30 seconds for me..
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I wonder if he has an etsy store. Looks the type lol.
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I like the cuff links when he wears the Mao suit.
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I enjoy seeing what he wears simply because everything he wears is FU.
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I believe him and I wear the same glasses.
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Hearing Labelking made my day. Preach brother preach!
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Originally Posted by merkur View Post
He has a unique accent and manner of speech. Kind of rainmannish (in a good way) in some ways.

Does he let you drive his car slow in the driveway?
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After watching the video, yes. Same glasses. I don't like the video, however. I enjoy certain individual's mystique. Often times it allows one to be more interesting than they really are.
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Aging a bit has really improved his look I do believe he has a speach impediment though.
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