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Foppish or effete connotates dandyism. Now, by my signature I am a full proponent of dandyism. Stylish seemingly suggests someone who likes modish things, and wears them. Most likely Gucci, Prada, and etc. Well dressed is somewhat different. And effete is perhaps hairdresser styles with lots of gold jewellery. But really there is no specific category for what you have mentioned. It's all very relative.
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I think it really depends on the person and attitude. I don't expect to see a priest or a business man wear a pop art Donatella Versace shirt. However, with some people (say, people who work in the arts, or younger guys), I could see them looking good in something like that. What really matters is the overall demeanor in which the person wears something. I like to have an open mind when it comes to clothes. I'm willing to give anything a chance. Well, almost anything.
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I seen it written (sorry, I forget where) that dandyism and foppishness/effetism are opposites. This is of course because the Dandy, as presented by George Brummel et al. took to wearing plain clothes, emphasizing the subtleties of dress such as cut and fit, rather than brocaded silk coats and gold embroidery. The latter features are associated with foppishness which would therefore connotate excess in dress. Dandyism connotates simplicity. But of course language evolves and the two words have become synonymous. Not yet homonymous, though.
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Cufflinks -- love them. Not loving cuff links means you don't like Frech cuff shirts. French cuff shirts are the most elegant form of shirt, IMHO. Naturally, one must be tasteful in link selection. E.g. I love my Tiffany 24k gold knots. Monograms -- Cheesy on the outside, utilitarian on the inside. Fitted shirts -- I hate wearing a shirt that isn't fitted properly. The shirts I order from Jantzen now are "form", but track pretty well to my classic New & Lingwoods in terms of fit. Horsebit loafers -- Classic. Love my Gucci horsebit driving shoes. Logoed polo shorts -- Don't like shorts as a general rule. Do you mean shirts? I'll wear a logoed Polo shirt. I actually like the non-logoed polos with the pocket that JCrew is selling these days. Collar bars -- Never worn one, never will. Hermes ties -- I pick the ties that appeal to me, whether they are Hermes, Zegna, Dormieul, etc.. A good looking, sharp dresser knows how to blend these elements without coming off as pretentious, effeminate, or effete. I know I'm pulling it off because of the daily complements I get from the women here at work. Montecristo#4
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