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Play it safe to begin with. Stick with the greys, charcoals, navy. There's enough in that spectrum to still play around with at any rate.
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Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris View Post
London in general you can be as fashionable as you like, but working in the City things are pretty much as they've always been. People have pretty much said this before, but I'll reinforce this:
1. No brown suits
2. No brown shoes (at least to start with)
3. No chalk stripe, generally keep any stripe subtle to start with
3. White shirts are fine, I've seen plenty bankers/lawyers/accountants etc

This is mostly from working in Law though.

I agree with most of this. However, there has been a change over the time. I remember the City. When I was a very young boy (late 1970s/early 1980s) I remember coming here and seeing men in stripy trousers/ strollers. Bowler hats etc. That's gone. A bowler looks odd and costumey even in the City I would say. Lounge suits are the staple. Different varieties. City (not country) colours as said before. When I see someone in a brown (or green) suit around here I assume that they are from the States or continental Europe on business... it's not really native dress in these parts. Brown shoe syou see. You often see black loafers with suits... I would not suggestthat for a new job in accounting though. Shirt colours and tie combinations seem to follow the Jermyn St tradition of "go for it". I would expect that when one is in Court (which may not apply to the OP unles called to give evidence) the more restrained colours are the default position. J
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An acceptable Banking wardrobe: Charcoal suit Navy suit Midnight Blue Suit Mid- Blue (no lighter than Air Force Blue) Black oxfords Black Brouges Black Balmoral boots (For winter. These looks like brouges as the high vamp is covered by the trouser leg.) White shirts Light Blue Shirts Solid Ties Rep Ties (Be careful about Alma Mater/ Club ties if you're not actually a member) Avoid Novelty Ties at all costs. White Handkerchief folded Neatly Black belt with Silver buckle Watch with bracelet or leather strap - no NATO straps You may arrive and find that you have more freedom than this, but this list should put you on firm footing in any Banking environment. Its much better to be thought dull than flamboyant when starting a new job.
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Thank you all for the feedback! I will ditch the plan for the brown suit and consider something with white a pinstripe instead.

Blackhood, I actually nearly had a "midnight blue" suit made but I backed off after deciding it seemed too indistinguishable from black. Is a midnight blue that easy to pull off? I have one lawyer friend with a midnight blue suit, and the first time I saw it I mistook it for black.

As for shirts, most of mine right now are white and light blue. Additionally they are all barrel cuffs, but I have just ordered a few spread-collar french cuff shirts.
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I'm sitting in a bank in Mayfair right now (moved from City to Mayfair two weeks ago), I can tell you what people in view are wearing:

pale blue shirts, double cuffs
bengal stripe blue, double cuffs
pink gingham, white collar+double cuffs
pink bengal stripes, double cuffs

blue or navy suits
one charcoal suit

lots of slip-on shoes in black & brown
plently of captoe oxfords in black & brown
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