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Payment sent for Tom Ford Brown SC 46R. Thanks & Bump!!
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So glad that Tom Ford SC in 46 got sold!!! I was just about to shell out the moneys...
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Bananas. I wish the buying crowd was like the good ol days too, M Anyway, Just FYI: The kiton tux (which is fucking amazing IRL, really is) is actually a 56R. I have the Same one here at my NM in the same style, same size. This one is also weirdly tagged 54 by NM although interior tags all say 56 and fits closer to a 56. So a real big timer should pick that shit up with the quickness.
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for those in the know.. is there any way to add fabric to the lapel to make a notch into peak?
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More Drops!
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Just paid the OP for Barker Black in Ostrich and now I am looking at the Kiton - sadistic Bastard!!!!

Somebody help me and buy the frigging thing before I can no longer help myself!
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I see the Barker Blacks were shipped express while i only paid for Priority - Thanks OP!!! That was REAL nice of you.
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Some Big Drops!
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Just picked up the TF SC in brown that resurfaced as well as the Kiton tux to make a deal. Not ideal with those lapels and I'm doing to have to convince Centofani to shorten the working cuffs .25 of an inch, but it sure as hell beats the BB tux sale!
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