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Small sizes sale

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Everything is SOLD SOLD items: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
1. J. Crew grey herringbone sportcoat, size S, altered to shorten the jacket about 1" - SOLD Three-button, single-vent, non-working sleeves. I wore this no more than 5 times. Professionally altered to shorten the sleeves and body to the measurements below. Approximate measurements: Armpit-to-armpit: 19.75" Shoulder seam-to-shoulder seam: 17" Shoulder seam-to-sleeve hem: 24.5" Bottom of collar-to-hem: 27.5" Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
2. Rag & Bone cigarette pants, size 29, NWT - SOLD Zip-fly, only tried on once. Too tight for my fat midsection. Unhemmed. Pattern is a great grey with blue checks. If I managed to lose enough weight, I may actually keep this, but I doubt I will be able to lose that much. Approximate measurements: Aligned waist: 14 3/4" Front rise: 10 1/2" Back rise: 15 5/8" Thigh: 11 1/4" Knee (approx. 12" below thigh): 7 3/4" Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
3. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece trousers, size BB0, new - SOLD Only tried on for fit twice. Again I'm too fat. Button-fly, split waistband, unhemmed. Pattern is a nice shade of grey. Red "X" on the interior tag. Fairly thick; I'd say suitable for fall. Approximate measurements: Aligned waist: 14 3/4" Front rise: 11 1/2" Back rise: 16 1/4" Thigh: 11 1/2" Knee (approx. 12" below thigh): 9 1/4" Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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is the J. Crew sportcoat a Ludlow or Aldridge model?
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Price drops.
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Price drop on BBBF.
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