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Drakes & Isaia TIES 38R DB White Linen Lake Como Blazer, Cashmere T&A Puppytooth  

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Selling a summer jacket from Ercoles that don't get as much wear as it should. Want to use the funds to get a few more fall pieces, as I don't get much use from summer jackets and already have the staples. So this beauty is up for you lot. Prices are for paypal personal payment or add 4%, no holds, first to pay at gets it.

Fit guide:
I'm generally a 38R in most brands, but need to get the sleeves shortened a bit OTR. I wear a 15/33 dress shirt to guide you with sleeve length. The linen jacket has a few more inches of play in sleeve length than does the cashmere. My pants measure 33" across the waist. There is room for alterations in both of these jackets if you need to tweak a bit bigger or smaller.

But first some ties!
Gianluca Isaia 100% Cashmere (SOLD) & Isaia Napoli 100% Wool $45>>$40 shipped conus

This measures 3.5" x 59"
La Camiceria Italiana 100% Wool $OLD
Drakes of London Gingham Royal Blue (SOLD) and Brown 100% Silk

Brown is 3.5" x 58" and $40 shipped conus

Canali $30>>>$OLD
3.5" x 61"
All ties below are $25 shipped CONUS
Beau Brummel 7 Fold 3.5" x 60"SOLD
Pink Corneliani 3.75" x 60"

PRL Money Bags 3.75" x 57"SOLD
Purple Floral Ike Behar 3.75" x 59"

Finamore Napoli Handmade Ecru Dress Shirt, Size 15/38 sleeves 32"$OLD

Winter Cashmere
Turnbull & Asser Butter Soft 100% Cashmere Sport Jacket. 2 Button, 2 Vent, 2 Good 2 Be True. Made in England.
Chest 20.5"
Waist 18"
Shoulders 18"
Sleeves 24"
Length BOC 28"

$249>>>$229>>>$216 shipped CONUS

Navy Seersucker jacket


Next up, is a quarter-lined, double vented, 6x2 double breasted white linen jacket. TONS of handwork, full canvas, beautiful horn buttons, besom pockets. Great for your Lake Como getaway, but PERFECT for any upcoming weddings:

and some fit pics from a wedding last summer:

Chest - 20"
Waist - 19"
Shoulders Across - 18.5"
Sleeves - 23"
Length BOC - 30"
Price is $499>>>$449>>$429>>>$399>>>$385>>>$349>>>$329>>>$309>>>$229>>>$209>>>$199(LAST DROP) shipped conus


Price is $OLD . This jacket may again be me with interest, sleeves too short for original buyer

Alden for Winn Perry 9D Barrie Last Vegano Calf (uber soft) Captoe Boot Double Waterlock Sole. Bought from Moo @ $400. Worn three times after, just don't work for me. Selling for $OLD. Gorgeous boot.

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love that 2nd coat.
GREAT fabric!
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Rob that second coat is very nice. I wish I had not purchased so many shoes lately, then I could get it.
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Bump for a great sport coat,the second one is indeed very nice and the fabric alone is going to be more than $300 if you buy it from Huddersfield. I'd keep it.
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Nice stuff; like the lapels on the first and the fabric on the second.

btw, how much did you drink before that first fit pic?
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Drop on the white linen...willing to listen to reasonable offers as well.
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Drop on the cashmere plus added 4 yards of Lesser Tweed for Carlo Barbera (those pics later).
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Drops on linen and lesser. If there's any interest before I do pics, I have a pair of Winn Perry Tan Vebago Calf (super soft) captoe boots I'll also be adding, worn about 5 times total (3 by me 2 by Moo) for $350 shipped. PM me, but the pics for the boots and teh Lesser will be up tonight.
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Added Alden Boots size 9D Barrie. Pics of Lesser are up. Happy shopping!
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beautiful jacket!
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That's a heck of a good looking boot - half a size too large for me, but.
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Keeping the Lesser.

Drops on everything.
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More Drops. C'mon boys...these are great prices for GREAT, fully canvassed, HAND MADE Jackets. The fabric alone on the Hardy is now worth the asking price.
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BIG drops. These need to go.
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those boots are really nice
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