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Sandal's for summer?

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Hey guys, what are your thoughts for sandals for men this summer. I wore a pair last year with linen pants and the likes, but wasn't sure if that was still "in" for this year. I haven't seen many men in sandals this year, but it may still be a bit early. I'm in the south, so we've had some pretty warm days already. Any how, what are your thoughts? There is a pair of Kenneth Cole that look really sharp. Thanks
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First off, are you referring to actual sandals or more along the lines of flip-flops and slides? Because I personally am a huge fan of slides and flip-flops. I think a good pair of leather slides are essential for summer wear because they are comfortable and I think they look cool. Kenneth Cole and J. Crew usually have good slides and flops for under $100. Or, if you wanna go even more thrifty, I just bought some flip-flops from Gap the other day for $15 and I love them.
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I'm in Arizona and it was 93 yesterday so I say go for it. I just bought a pair of sandals (not flip flops or slides) made by Brown Shoe and paid only $35. They're nice leather, very comfortable and look good with jeans, shorts or khakis. When I want to be dressier, I wear my Johnston & Murphy Baytown loafers w/o socks and that gives me a nice resort look. Of course, I live in a resort area, so I can get away with a Hawaiian shirt, khakis or linen slacks and my choice of sandals or loafers throughout most of the year. I'm sure in NYC I would look fairly stupid in this outfit. Bradford
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burberry has great sandals this summer. check them out if you can find some in your area.
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