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Correct this jacket fit

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I recently found this camelhair SC (Ralph w/ Loro Piana fabric) on clearance (~$100). Unfortunately, it's not a good fit; but I bought it anyway to use as a basis for determing the size I need. It's a 42R and is unaltered to preserve my return rights. Do I need a 42L, 44R or 44L. I'm 5'11", 185. I respectfully submit these photos for you analysis and comments. Brutal honest is encouraged. Thanks!
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Seems odd that it would be too short when you're 5'11... but it's also too tight as your center vent is jutting open. But the buttoning point is too high as well. It's just overall not the right jacket for you. You need to find a slightly longer with a lower buttoning point and a little more room in the waist/smaller shoulders. You get what you pay for. In regards to what size you are, I think you're probably a 42R, this is just not the right cut jacket. Measure your chest, it will tell you what your "size" should be as the jacket number/size=your chest size.
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-Jacket length is too short
-Sleeves are FAR too short
-Shoulders are too wide (divots)
-Universally unflattering button stance (too high)
-Slightly short front balance
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Better return it.
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