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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 490

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Originally Posted by eckblk View Post

***Everyone save your hard-earned $$$$- SS14 A1923 is his best collection in years. EPIC.

What a tease...
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But he's right. It's sensational.
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Originally Posted by 1974 View Post


Here's a pic of Holger wearing these in calf.

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/\ The LEB jacket looks nice. Would like to hear more about the line from someone who has handled it in person.

If I every buy a white leather jacket (won't be my first), I will spray it with this stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZrjXSsfxMQ
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Yeah, definitely one of the more interesting leather jackets out there. I definitely want to see what it looks like after a bit of wear and tear. 


You could always contact Holger directly about any of the items he has for sale. Great guy.

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Agreed, Holger is awesome to deal with.

The seamwork on LEB is more noticeable in this pic.

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not a fan of the LEB, kinda looks like someone just threw it together
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i know from Holger that the black LEB jacket is a 52 and he is a 48, so it is 2 size to big on him, bad fit pics.

the white leather is a 48 and fits great.

Also the LEB pant is one size to big (50).

The new pant and new leather jacket (ss14) is very interesting!!!

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Diglet, Holger is wearing the workboot in waxed cow leather smile.gif

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Love that Jacket. It is too big for him but it definitely has character..

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RE: A1923 SS14- sorry, but I've been asked not to share images. I'm sure some of you guys that have good relationships with your shops can request them. For me personally, the clothing looks amazing. ramie/ wool&cotton blends & selvedge cotton are the heavily favored fabrics this season.

Shoes and Boots-wise: +1 on what Uzairh stated earlier. There is dual zip/tornado style boot that is really neat; although I'd prefer a full side zip to be honest. Lots of cream and off white: derby, backlace boot & slanted back zip. Hot black cordovan is back in reverse and full grain on the ankle boots. A cavallo ankle boot that looks just stunning. Just really a strong collection.

Speaking of my good friend Holger: IS & CCP

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that looks great eck! 


might pull the trigger on these - http://vitamori.com/shop/layer-0/blood-black-tall-lace-boot.html


or just put a little bit more into these a1923's that i've wanted for almost a year and a half now - http://archivesf.com/archivesf_item/a1923-llama-derbies/


or wait for the upcoming a1923 like eck suggests lol

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Between the 2 available now- I lean towards the boot (just love that color, not sure how practical it is but...) or if you can find that derby in horse then get that. My buddy Eton97 has a pair and dyed the laces black- nod[1].gif.
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