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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 48

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Originally Posted by hurhur View Post

thought someone might be interested in these.
White Augustas lace boots. Size 44

I saw those but they are too big *beats head against wall*

If they were US 10/eu 43, they would be on the way to me already
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Seller says these are Guidi's but the insole has been replaced already, if yes, what leather ? ( he says its cordovan )


it says made in italy on the sole of the first picture
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The leather in full grain horse (some people interchangeably use the word cordovan & horse). It's an older model. I think the color code in P-BLK (P for painted)

Here an reverse horse example (old 698 model):

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Cdiem video
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I want destroyed horse S40M's. MMMMMMMMM
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Visvim X Mastermind in 2010



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I'm pretty sure cordovan and horse leather are different, even though both leathers are horse. The dying process behind real cordovan leather is far longer than the normal veg. tanning of other leathers (including "horse leather"). Plus, cordovan comes from the ass of the horse, where as normal horse leather can come from any part of the body. I don't know what the ass has to offer that the rest of the body doesn't, but I'm guessing there's some relevance. Also, the aging effect varies between "cordovan" and "horse leather" that suggests they are indeed different.
I think most "cordovan" leathers referenced in this thread are actually just horse leather (which doesn't mean they aren't good). Cordovan (the name deriving from the city that developed the dying process, Cordoba Spain), is only processed in a couple places in the world due to the lengthy dying process, and I don't think guidi is one of them, but Horween is (which carpe diem used occasionally).

Now that I think of it, maybe "shell cordovan" marks true cordovan whereas "cordovan" is simply a euphemism for horse.
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Cordovan and horse are used interchangeably. Cordovan does not necessarily mean shell cordovan.

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Originally Posted by dmash View Post

I want destroyed horse S40M's. MMMMMMMMM

Destroyed horse S21M (on the far left, just came in today)

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^Those are gorgeous.

BTW, just because cordovan and horse are used interchangeably does not mean they are interchangeable.
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I really want some reverse/distressed horse lace-up boots frown.gif
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Are the S21's noticeably narrower than your S40's? Code is HD01 right?

and and good link for you guys looking to buy (41-43)

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No- S40M is much more narrow than the S21M- Code on the box says HD01R, color: 9
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^Damnit, I mixed them up then, I thought it was the other way around. Looks like I need S21's then, geez.

What's that pair on the far right, your s43's?

Unc-no, you need horse HAIR Viridi Anne's

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Yep- S43's on the far right- possibly soon to be Magic1's S43's fistbump.gif
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