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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 460

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Is there a thread for baller coats/jackets? Non leather similar aesthetic.

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Yes there is
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If those wjk's are your size, jump on them. Love mine and bluemerle was a pleasure to deal with. Great price.
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shake fist at my tiny feet ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Size 42=27 CM, wtf?

My thought as well. 27cm is usually a 43. Do they run TTS, art?
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Brad, from my experience, 43 is usually 28cm.
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I have 41's in the lace ups (can't comment on back zips). They are definitely true to size with kind of a low toe box. If you're in between, you may want to round up.

In case you need convincing: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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i don't know if they fit exactly the same as carpes do, but if they do, i would recommend sizing up on the backzips. i don't even have that high of an instep and i don't think i could fit into a 39 comfortably because of the instep alone. my size 40s work great with a pair of thick socks.
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thanks art. i don't really plan to buy but good to know in case i feel impulsive sometime ...

my foot measures 26.5 - 27cm and i usually wear size 43 in EU shoes and 27cm in Japanese shoes.
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fuuuuck wish those backzips fit tts
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they do. they just have a really low instep. so for the majority of people, it's probably better to size up one for comfort.
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if they're like my Jun backzips, they actually run slightly longer than the laceups. But yeah, instep is super tight at first but will stretch.
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This is one of those times where I'm just looking for an excuse to pull the trigger on something that I know has a decent possibility of not working, dammit haha
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On another note... grail acquired! left good camera at home...

thanks whoever posted the sufu link. will be letting my jun back zips go if anyone is interested. too many boots.
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what took the seller so long to ship?
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