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THE OFFICIAL "streetwear" BALLER BOOT/SHOE THREAD ***700usd Min*** - Page 434

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eck, those are some fine boots. L0 cordovan burgundy?
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not mine- pic from Liberte. There is a front zip coming this AW13 as well (black on exterior/red interior)
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My current pants/jeans that I pair with boots:

CCP Dead-end jeans
BBS P13 wax pressed jeans
LUC Signals Washi j-pants
Julius destroyed waxed twisted jeans (tapered and shortened for a much better fit)
Drkshdw bitter waxed detroits (hardly ever wear as I find them too slim in the thigh/crotch area).

Have a bunch of Uniqlo slim jeans in black, grey and olive but I wear them more with sneakers or for work.
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Thinking of getting the CCP Dead end jeans.. Do you guys find them pretty durable? I know the stitches are large and exposed but probably pretty heavy duty. 

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while I don't have a ton of wear on mine (Raw Selvedge/Eton97/Chomeo may want to chime in here), they feel really solid. I'm guessing the stitching on the hem will eventually come apart.

Be sure to get measurements- I went up 2 on the latest fabric.
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Yeah I tried a pair of 32 at maxfields and they were very tight, they probably won't get another shipment in for a while anyway so gives me time to save. I thought I needed to hit the gym or something but I'm noticing everything is coming in much tighter. I had to size up to size 38 drkshdw just to get a bit of room in the jeans. BBS P13's in XL were skin tight. I even tried on a pair of skater jeans yesterday thinking they would be a loose fit and they ended up being skin tight even at 36.  Thankfully Dior is consistent with their measurements but still annoying. I haven't seen the attachment j denim in a while otherwise i'd probably try and go for those. 

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Originally Posted by eckblk View Post

What is every one wearing with their boots and derby's? I've been emailing with several people on here I thought this would be a sort of fun subject (maybe).

I'll go first-

current rotation is:

CCP Dead End Jean
IE Continuous lined pant in Japanese Selvedge
LUC Curved Inseam pant
MIJ Dior 19cm raw


Depends on the boots and the derbies really.


Generally though I'm all about the LUC pants. Old school J's, one cuts, and overpants. I'll keep stocking up until I've got enough to last me a lifetime.

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Might anyone know how the sizing is like for these?



Im a UK 5 in Dior leather shoes, UK 5 for Balenciaga sneakers and UK 6 for Lanvin sneakers. Would an IT39 fit?

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size up at least one, i go up two.
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^lol at the free rick garment bag that's going for €70
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Wow, the heel on those backzips were reeeeaally stretched out to have that much lip over the heel stack. tounge.gif

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The derbies are definitely the better deal here; seriously contemplating copping those+several insoles. The backzips look a little deformed

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